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5 Ways to Keep the Memory of Your Beloved Basset Hound Alive

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 28, 2023

The loss of a cherished Basset Hound is an emotional journey that touches the deepest parts of our hearts. These gentle, long-eared companions, with their adorably droopy faces and distinctive, amiable nature, create lasting memories that shape our lives. Though their physical absence leaves a tangible void, their spirit can be remembered and cherished, reflecting the companionship and warmth they provided. Here are five heartfelt ways to honor your beloved Basset Hound, ensuring their memory remains as vivid and endearing as their character.

1. Dedicate a Basset Hound Memory Corner

Choose a special space in your home to honor your Basset Hound. This spot could house their favorite toys, collar, photos, and any other mementos that were significant in their life. Adding a candle to this memorial corner gives you a tangible act to perform when you’re feeling particularly connected to your pet’s memory. This dedicated area will offer a comforting reminder of your Basset Hound’s endearing spirit.

2. Commission a Custom Portrait or Keepsake

A beautiful way to memorialize your Basset Hound is by commissioning a custom portrait that captures their unique look and personality. Alternatively, consider a piece of personalized jewelry, perhaps a locket with their picture, or a charm shaped like a Basset Hound. These keepsakes provide a personal and visual reminder of your beloved pet.

3. Create a Memorial Garden

If your Basset Hound enjoyed lounging outdoors, creating a memorial garden can be a wonderful tribute. Plant flowers or trees that change with the seasons and add a comfortable bench or a memorial stone inscribed with your pet’s name. This will create a peaceful place where you can feel close to your Basset Hound while enjoying the tranquility of nature.

4. Share Their Story

Writing about your Basset Hound, whether it’s their quirky habits, loyal companionship, or the joy they brought you, can be therapeutic. Sharing this story, either privately or publicly, helps to keep their memory alive and can inspire others to appreciate the love that pets bring into our lives.

5. Donate or Volunteer in Their Name

Honor the love your Basset Hound brought to your life by giving back to other dogs in need. Consider donating to a Basset Hound rescue organization or volunteering at a local animal shelter. Not only does this serve as a fitting tribute to your pet, but it also provides valuable help to animals waiting for their forever homes.

The journey of memorializing your Basset Hound is deeply personal and these are merely suggestions. Choose what feels right for you and your family, as the ultimate aim is to commemorate the love and joy your Basset Hound brought to your life.

The physical absence of a treasured Basset Hound can be profound, but their love and spirit remain with us, enriching our lives in countless ways. By keeping their memory alive through these acts of remembrance, your Basset Hound continues to touch your heart and soul. Though they may no longer be with you physically, their spirit lives on in your memories, their distinctive howl echoing in the wind, their memory as comforting and loyal as their presence once was. As you move forward, may the memory of your Basset Hound serve as a gentle reminder of the deep bond you shared and the unending love they gave.

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