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500 Guinea Pigs Were Rescued From Breeder And Now They Need Homes ASAP

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on April 9, 2024

A significant rescue operation is underway in Fort Collins as Cavies and Canines Animal Rescue steps in to save over 500 guinea pigs from a local breeder who found themselves unable to provide the necessary care for these animals. The breeder, facing dire circumstances and the loss of their spouse, had considered a distressing solution for the guinea pigs, including the possibility of using them as feed for birds of prey. The guinea pigs were discovered living in inadequate conditions, confined within Tupperware storage totes without access to food or water.

Upon rescue, it was found that many of the guinea pigs are suffering from health issues, notably a “widespread” infestation of ringworm and mites, highlighting the urgent need for medical attention and rehabilitation. Natalie Riggs, the director of Cavies and Canines, expressed sympathy for the breeder’s situation but emphasized the rescue’s commitment to improving the lives of these guinea pigs.

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The situation is compounded by the fact that a majority of the female guinea pigs are believed to be pregnant, potentially increasing the rescue’s population by an estimated 400. This influx underscores the critical need for foster families willing to provide temporary or permanent homes for the guinea pigs, in addition to the necessity for more volunteers and financial contributions.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Cavies and Canines is making an urgent appeal to the community for support, not only to find homes for these guinea pigs but also to assist with their transportation to other rescues nationwide. The rescue is also seeking donations to cover the medical expenses for the guinea pigs, many of whom are in dire need of care due to severe neglect. This situation presents an opportunity for animal lovers and the community at large to come together to offer a lifeline to these vulnerable animals.

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