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7 Facts About Whippets You Probably Didn’t Know

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on May 18, 2023

Whippets are an intriguing breed known for their agility, gentle demeanor, and sleek physical charm. But these canine athletes carry more surprises than what meets the eye. Here are seven lesser-known facts about Whippets that might raise some eyebrows, even among the most dedicated dog enthusiasts.

  1. Incredibly Fast Runners

While many people know Whippets are fast, few realize just how fast. They can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest dog breeds over short distances. Their speed, combined with their agility and keen sight, made them excellent hunting dogs, chasing rabbits, and other small game.

  1. Vicar’s Dogs

In the 19th century, Whippets were commonly known as “the poor man’s racehorse.” However, they were also frequently referred to as “Vicar’s dogs.” Why? Because their quiet nature, minimal grooming needs, and ability to hunt for their meals made them popular companions for individuals in the clergy, particularly vicars.

  1. They Excel in ‘Lure Coursing’

Lure coursing is a sport where dogs chase a mechanically operated lure across a field, following it through patterns that simulate live prey’s unpredictability. Whippets, with their high prey drive and extraordinary speed, excel in this sport. They have often been called the “aerial acrobats of the dog world” because of their ability to twist and turn mid-air.

  1. Quite the Couch Potato

Despite their reputation for speed, Whippets are surprisingly low energy when not in action. They enjoy lounging around the house and are known for their love of soft and cozy places to sleep. A Whippet is as content to curl up on a comfortable sofa as it is to sprint after a lure, and this adaptable energy level makes them excellent house dogs.

  1. Sensitive to the Cold

Due to their thin coat and very low body fat, Whippets are more susceptible to the cold than many other breeds. Whippet owners often dress their dogs in sweaters or coats during cold weather to keep them comfortable. So, if you see a Whippet sporting a stylish winter ensemble, it’s more about practicality than fashion.

  1. Their Name Has a Meaning

The term “whippet” is derived from an old English word “whippet,” meaning “a small dog that yaps.” Despite this yappy connotation, Whippets are generally quiet and not known for excessive barking, proving that names can sometimes be deceiving!

  1. A Statue Commemorates Their Contribution

In recognition of their historical role in hunting and providing sustenance, a Whippet statue stands in the former mining village of Elsecar, South Yorkshire, England. The statue commemorates the breed’s significance to working-class families who relied on their Whippets for hunting small game during tough economic times.

Whippets are more than just agile sprinters; they are dogs of contradiction—athletes that love a comfortable couch, small ‘yappers’ that are often silent, and warm-weather dogs often seen in winter wear. These fascinating facts highlight the charm of Whippets, making them not just captivating pets but also a breed rich in historical significance and full of surprises. Whether you’re an owner of a Whippet or a curious dog-lover, understanding these facts gives a deeper insight into this unique and wonderful breed.

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