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7 Vital Tips for Grooming a Border Collie

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on May 30, 2023

Border Collies, best known for their intelligence and agility, are equally striking in terms of appearance. Their double coat – with a dense undercoat and a rough outer coat – does require special attention. Here are seven indispensable grooming tips specific to Border Collies.

1. Regular Brushing: Keep the Coat Tangle-Free

Due to their double coat, Border Collies are prone to matting. Brushing at least three times a week with a slicker brush or an undercoat rake helps remove loose hair, prevent tangles, and keep the coat looking its best. During shedding seasons, daily brushing might be necessary.

2. Bathing: A Balanced Routine

Unlike breeds with oily coats, Border Collies do not need frequent baths. Bathing once every 2-3 months, or when they get particularly dirty, is usually sufficient. Use a gentle, dog-specific shampoo to maintain their coat’s health and natural oils.

3. Regular Ear Cleaning

Border Collies’ ears can accumulate debris, which can lead to infections if left unaddressed. Clean them weekly with a vet-approved cleaning solution and cotton pads, ensuring not to probe too deeply into the ear canal.

We like the PetMD brand of ear wipes available on Amazon.

4. Dental Care: A Must for Overall Health

Dental hygiene is critical for preventing oral diseases. Brush their teeth daily with dog-friendly toothpaste. If daily brushing isn’t feasible, at least a few times a week is necessary. Also, consider dental chews to supplement oral care.

For dogs who hate brushing, another good option are these tasty dental chews, available on Amazon. 

5. Trim Those Nails

Overgrown nails can cause discomfort and walking difficulties. Trim your Border Collie’s nails every 3-4 weeks with a dog-specific nail clipper or grinder, taking care not to cut into the quickly.

This highly rated nail grinder on Amazon makes nail trims a breeze. 

6. Check for Fleas and Ticks

Border Collies are active dogs, often enjoying outdoor adventures where they might pick up unwanted pests. Regularly check your dog’s skin and coat for signs of fleas and ticks, particularly after spending time outside.

7. Don’t Neglect the Paws

Regularly check and clean your Border Collie’s paws. Remove debris from between the pads and trim the hair around the paws if necessary. This helps prevent irritations and injuries.

Now let’s delve into seven frequently asked questions about grooming a Border Collie for the first time:

Q1: How often should I groom my Border Collie? A: Brush your Border Collie at least three times a week, bathe them every 2-3 months, and maintain regular ear cleaning, nail trims, and dental care.

Q2: Can I use human shampoo on my Border Collie? A: No, human shampoo can disrupt your Border Collie’s skin pH balance and lead to irritation. Use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs.

Q3: Do Border Collies shed a lot? A: Yes, Border Collies do shed, especially during the change of seasons. Regular brushing can help manage this shedding.

Q4: What type of brush is best for a Border Collie’s coat? A: A slicker brush or an undercoat rake is perfect for a Border Collie’s double coat.

Q5: Do Border Collies need professional grooming? A: Border Collies don’t require professional grooming often. However, you may consider professional grooming during shedding seasons or for tasks like nail trimming if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself.

Q6: How can I keep my Border Collie’s skin healthy? A: Regular grooming and skin checks, a balanced diet, and dog-friendly grooming products can help maintain healthy skin.

Q7: How often should I clean my Border Collie’s ears? A: Clean your Border Collie’s ears weekly, and perform regular checks for debris and signs of infection.

In conclusion, grooming your Border Collie is not just about aesthetics – it’s a vital part of their overall health. It also offers an excellent bonding opportunity with your agile and intelligent friend. Happy grooming!

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