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8 Creative Ideas For Getting Your Dog To Take Their Medicine

If you have ever had to give a dog meds, you know how difficult it can be. Whether it’s a pill or liquid, some dogs are masters at not taking their medicine. My own puppy actually started running when he saw the peanut butter because he knew what I hid inside it. Seriously?! For dogs like this, you have to be stealthy. Here are a few tips to getting your dogs to take their medicine, no spoonful of sugar needed.

#1 – Wet, Stinky Food

Hiding a pill or mixing liquid in with something that has a strong smell and is really enticing can work. For my peanut butter kid, I found canned salmon works wonders. The strong fish smell masks any smell the pill might have and he loves it, so he eats it right up. If you feed wet food daily, use a flavor or something like the salmon that he doesn’t get every day so it seems like a special treat.

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#2 – Add Competition

If you have more than one dog in the house, get a bunch of soft treats, and hid the pill in one and put that one, along with a few more treats in one hand. In the other hand, feed some treats to the other dogs. Then give the dog that needs the meds the treats with the pills. Most dogs will eat quicker in the presences of other dogs, usually without really thinking about it too much. Do not do this if you have resource guarders.

Image source: @Audrey via Flickr
Image source: @Audrey via Flickr

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