8 Problems Only a Basset Hound Owner Would Understand

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on June 6, 2023

So, you’ve got a Basset Hound in your life? You know, then, that sharing your world with this comically charming breed is a delightful yet hilariously complicated experience. Here are eight ‘problems’ that are all too relatable to the Basset Hound owner.

1. The Sniffer Saga

With a nose second only to the Bloodhound, Bassets are obsessed with smells. A walk with them is less of a brisk jog and more of a “sniff-every-blade-of-grass” marathon. If your Basset’s nose is on a scent, you might as well grab a chair; you’re going to be there a while.

2. The Dribble Dilemma

Basset Hounds are drool maestros. They’ll leave a little piece of their slobber on your clothes, the furniture, and yes, even your guests. Your dreams of wearing black pants at home? Yeah, forget about that.

3. The Howling Histrionics

Bassets are known for their melodious, albeit loud, howl. Whether they’re alerting you to a passing squirrel or voicing their displeasure because dinner is five minutes late, you’re sure to hear about it. At length.

4. The Couch Potato Paradox

Despite their hunting dog lineage, Bassets have a love affair with lounging. They have an uncanny ability to spot the comfiest spot in the house (usually your spot) and claim it as their own. Want to binge-watch your favorite show? Your Basset is way ahead of you.

5. The Stubbornness Syndrome

Basset Hounds are as stubborn as they are charming. Whether it’s about going out in the rain or accepting that the couch is not, in fact, their personal bed, they can be hilariously obstinate. They have a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality that could give a mule a run for its money.

6. The Ears Everywhere Epidemic

Those long, adorable ears are a magnet for everything – food, dirt, even their own drool. Regular cleanings are a must, but even then, you might find yourself pulling a leaf or a forgotten treat out of those floppy caverns.

7. The Sudden Sprint Surprise

Though often thought of as laid-back couch potatoes, Bassets are prone to sudden, inexplicable bursts of energy. These can lead to surprisingly speedy sprints around your living room. Be warned, anything left at tail height is fair game for a good whacking!

8. The Foodie Frenzy

Bassets are food enthusiasts – in other words, they’re incredibly food-motivated. Turn your back for a second, and your sandwich might just disappear. You’ll need to get creative with food storage solutions and keeping your dinner plate out of that adorable snout’s reach.

Living with a Basset Hound, with all its hilarious ‘problems,’ is a unique blend of joy, comedy, and love. Their droopy eyes, playful personality, and boundless affection make every challenge more than worth it. The most significant issue of all? Trying not to spoil them rotten. But really, who could resist those eyes?

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