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8 Things Only Dog People Understand

| Published on February 6, 2020

Dogs. They hog our beds, steal our shoes, and often cause us just as much worry as our human children. People who don’t have pets must wonder why we choose to share our lives with these furry little menaces. Only dog parents understand the devotion and unconditional love they offer. They may be challenging and downright naughty at times, but the adoration we see in our dogs’ soulful eyes makes it all worthwhile!

If you have canine roommates, you’ll definitely relate to the items on this list.

1. Privacy is a thing of the past.

dog parents understand love

There may have been a time in your life when you could make a sandwich or visit the bathroom without a furry tag-a-long in tow, but those days are long gone. The good news is, having a dog means never being alone again – even when you want to be!

Everything we do is fascinating to our pups. Whether raking leaves or attempting to do yoga, they will always be there to “help.” Besides, who needs privacy when you have an adoring fan happy to spend 24/7/365 by your side?


2. Dog hair can and will penetrate every area of your home.

dog parents understand compromise

Sorry clean freaks, dog hair has a way of defying the laws of gravity. Trying to sweep it away only makes it angry, so you may as well embrace your chaotic, hair-coated life.

Elegant white sofas and rich, cream-colored rugs are nice, but dog parents understand these are no longer viable options – unless of course, your dog is white! For the rest of us, chocolate brown is the way to go – and make sure you choose faux leather or microsuede. They’re much easier to clean.

Before you spend too much time mourning your sense of style, think of it this way: our dogs are so ecstatic to spend their lives with us, they can’t help but spread a little “canine confetti!”


3. It secretly breaks your heart when your pooch shows affection to another person.

dog parents understand jealousy

Socialization is one of the most important gifts you can give your pup. The more time they spend around other people and pets, the less likely they are to develop fears and phobias. Even though you love to see your dog thrive, it still stings a bit when he scampers off to shower the neighbor with smooches.

Sharing your dog’s love may cause a pang of jealousy, but just remember, you’ll always be number one in his heart!


4. Each dog has its own unique voice – and you have a special voice just for them.

dog parents understand silly

Can you really call yourself a dog parent if you don’t have a special voice for talking to your pup? The craziest among us even take it a step further. Not only do we speak to our dogs, we also speak as them. I have a unique voice for each of my dogs and use them to create conversations among themselves as well as with the humans in the house.

C’mon admit it, you do it, too!


5. All dogs have one given name and countless nicknames.

dog parents understand fun

Choosing a name for your dog is fun for the whole family and sets the tone for the myriad of nicknames you will eventially bestow upon them. Crazy dog parents understand these “pet names” – even ones that seem slightly goofy or offensive – are the ultimate display of affection.

Let’s use my dog Rosana as an example. As expected, we sometimes call her Rosie or Rose, but that’s just the beginning. There’s also: Rosebud, Rosencrantz, Rosetta Stone, Rosana-Banana, Banana-Head, Nan, Nanners, Princess Peach, Madame Whisker Face, Lady Sugar Butt, and so on.


6. It’s ok for you to eat like a teenager on Spring Break, but your dog must have proper nutrition.

dog parents understand nutrition

Today I had coffee, a protein waffle, an entire frozen pizza and several Cherry Coke Zeros. That’s all. No water, no fruit, no vegetables, absolutely nothing beneficial to my health. My dogs, on the other hand, had the homemade food I make using this recipe and fresh blueberries for an antioxidant boost.

Dog parents understand that when it comes to our precious pups, only the best will do; even if we neglect our own best interests in the process.


7. The best part of vacation is coming home to your dog.

dog parents understand joy

All devoted dog parents deserve a little rest and relaxation. But whether you choose to sip rum punch on a tropical beach or backpack through Europe, nothing compares to the joy of returning home to your dog. Their wiggling butts and joyful zoomies make you feel so incredibly special. And let’s be honest, we miss them as much as they miss us!


8. It is impossible to be in a bad mood when your dog is nearby.

dog parents understand empathy

Humans have a tendency to let petty problems affect our moods. Work, bills, and drama with friends and family can leave us feeling down. Thank Dog we have pups to bring us back up again!

Dogs have an uncanny knack for sensing and reacting to our emotions, that’s why they make such wonderful therapy and emotional support animals. Even without formal training, they see into our souls and do everything in their power to comfort and heal us.

When things get serious and mental or physical health problems take hold, our dogs give us a reason to fight for better days.


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