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8 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Guranteed To Impress Any True Dog Lover

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’ve been in the stores lately, then you know it’s just a bunch of the same old heart-shaped chocolate and pink teddy bears. If your loved one is a dog lover, than these types of gifts are probably not what he or she is hoping for on February 14th. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some awesome Valentine’s Days gifts for the dog lover in your life.

#1 – Couture Poop Bag Wristlet

The unique Pink Poop Pick-Up Bag Wristlet is not only stylish and functional, but gives pet parents the opportunity to promote a more sustainable lifestyle too. Made from recycled plastic bottles, this is the perfect accessory for dog walking. You have the option to hold the bag around your wrist or clip the pouch style onto your pup’s leash. The discrete small opening on the backside makes it easy to access poop bags. Simply pull, tear off bag, and you’re ready for scooping.

v1a pink PICK-UP POOP BAG POUCH- back



#2 – Watercolor Paw Over My Heart Necklace (Feeds 10 Shelter Dogs)

Custom designed as a one of a kind piece of art by an elite artist, the watercolor paw is a symbol of the impression our dogs leave on our hearts. The relationship is deep, meaningful and leaves an everlasting impression. The water color paw celebrates your pup and broadcasts your relationship to the world in a powerful way.

As a gift, this piece is extremely thoughtful and will mean quite a bit to any dog lover who receives it. You can choose between Pink or Blue and get them here. AND feeding 10 Shelter dogs in their or their dog’s name is bound to make the true animal lover very, very happy.




Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.52.41 PM


#3 –  Animal Lovers Cookie Box

Harvard Sweet Boutique has a fun gift box made just for dog lovers like your Valentine! It comes in a cute paw print box with paw print ribbon and features a baker’s dozen of assorted cookies, including bone shaped ones. (These are human cookies and not safe for pets!).

v4 427

#4 – Custom Dog Sketch

Dreamlines will create a custom sketch of your sweetheart’s dog, an absolutely amazing Valentine’s Day gift they can treasure forever (unlike chocolate or flowers!). They have four artists around the world that create the work. Please allow time for creation and delivery. 

v5 two dogs


#5 – Dog Photobook

As all dog lovers know, we can’t get enough of our precious pooches! is a site that allows you to take photos of your Valentine’s dog and organize them into a lasting and beautiful photobook. They have many themed covers, including ones for Valentine’s day. 

v8 all-covers-display-dog

#6 – Sweet Scented Pups

Brand new and just in time for Valentine’s Day are the sweet scented pillow pets! Forget a bear, by her a stuffed dog that smells as sweet as she does!  Each stuffed animal is infused with the delicious aromas reminiscent of favorite childhood treats wrapped in the characteristic plush of a Pillow Pet.

v9 SS_PupcakeMontage (1) 700 px

#7 – Puppy Love Gift Set

This is an adorable gift set for any dog lover. It contains nine cookies, including eight dog breeds and one bone, all wrapped in a cute box with a personalized message or name on the dog bone cookie.

v14 puppy-love-2014---sticker

#8 – Couple Portrait With Pets

This is a wonderful gift both of you will love! It’s a custom portrait with you and your dog and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can even choose a saying for the bottom of the portrait.

v15 il_fullxfull.898128445_qg1n


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Written by Kristina Lotz
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