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9 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Homebodies

| Published on October 13, 2016

We all know that lots of dogs love to run, play, and explore. But what if you’re a low-key pup parent who’d rather stay in and relax? The good news is, there are plenty of dogs who’d love to hunker down with you!

First off, rescue dogs who are adults or seniors can make wonderful, calm companions who are satisfied with staying home. Second, there are certain dog breeds that tend to be calmer and more laid back than others, and even require less exercise to stay happy and healthy. This list is by no means extensive, but below you’ll find a few dog breeds who’d make perfect pets for homebodies!

1. English Bulldogs


These roly-poly balls of wrinkles make for awesome couch-time company. They overheat rather easily and don’t do well with rigorous exercise, so they make better Netflix binge buddies than running partners. What’s more, they truly enjoy being lazy!

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


These affectionate dogs are great company for those who’d prefer a cozy night in to a long night out. For these doe-eyed dogs, no adventure is as good as spending time cuddling with you! Most dogs are loyal, but these sensitive souls are especially so.

3. Maltese


Maltese pups are pretty much the perfect lap dog! Small and devoted, they can easily curl up on your legs, which is right where they want to be.  Since their coats are hair (and not fur), they can spend lots of time indoors without shedding all over the house!

4. Basset Hounds


Basset Hounds, with their short legs and droopy jowls, can stay happy and healthy with a simple daily walk. Other than that, these laid-back pups love to lounge–just make sure you leave a little space on the couch!

5. Bullmastiffs


For large dogs, Bullmastiffs need relatively little activity. Their massive looks can be intimidating, but really, they’re big babies. They love nothing more than to hunker down with their humans as often as possible.

6. Great Danes


If you like dogs that are big in stature but have a lap dog mentality, these pony-sized pups are another great choice. They’re known for loving to sprawl on furniture, so if you opt for one of these colossal canines, make sure you have a huge bed to accomodate!

7. Pugs


Like Bulldogs, these wrinkle-faced fuzzballs only need moderate exercise. Because they’re naturally curious, mental stimulation is necessary, but puzzles and games can easily be played indoors. With their cute faces and curly tails, what more could you ask for in a cuddle buddy?

8. Bichon Frise


While these energetic dogs need to be exercised, once their energy is spent, they love cozying up with their people. Bichon Frise pups are prone to separation anxiety, but as long as they’re with you, they’re happy as can be.

9. Chow Chow 


Looking for a canine companion that doubles as a real-life teddy bear? This beautiful dog might be it! Chow Chows tend to have independent spirits, so they need be socialized early. But because they don’t necessarily care about having a social life, they’re happy staying home with their humans.

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