Adorable Corgi Knows Just What To Do To Stop His Human’s Tantrum


It’s hard not to like Corgis, but Dooey has a special skill that certainly convinces his human family to keep him around. They nicknamed him Dooey the Tantrum Stopper, and he definitely lives up to it. On a recent clip posted on Imgur, he shows exactly how he gets the job done. His tiny human starts throwing a tantrum and she’s clearly upset. So Dooey steps right in and snuggles onto her, hoping to offer as much comfort as possible. It works! She stops crying and feels much better now that Dooey is there to console her.

A hug is worth a thousand words

Dooey’s owners note that “A hug is worth a thousand words,” and we couldn’t agree more. Dooey definitely understands how to comfort people and it looks like he’d make a great service dog. He also gives the perfect example as to what dogs are really for – they are our companions and family members regardless of how old or young we are. Dooey is just proving that even on our worst days, our dogs are there to offer support and happiness.

Written by Katie Finlay
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