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Advertising Media & Partnerships

View our Advertising Products 2018 PDF

View our Advertising Products 2018 PDF and operate highly engaged pet owner blogs focused on pet health and happiness, an ecommerce store with owned brands including 1,000,000 customers and a large social community of passionate pet owners.

Demographics & Psychographics:

  • Demographic: 80% Female
  • Age: 35- 65 and 20-30 (depending on channel and messaging)
  • Location: United States (90%)
  • Pet Ownership Info: 70% of pet ages tend to be 5 years+ , most (65%) have multiple pets in household (2+), and adoption is the preferred method of finding a new pet.

Readership, Audience, & Subscriber Stats:

  • # of Readers per month on 7,000,000 +
  • # of Facebook pages: 100 FB pages with 20,000,000 pet owners actively involved (fans)
  • # of Facebook groups: 70 FB groups with 3,000,000 group members
  • # of Instagram followers: 3,000,000
  • # of email subscribers to community newsletters: 2,000,000

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