Airport Staff Show The Love With K-9’s Retirement Farewell Party

For almost 5 years, pup Gema has been a hard-working service dog at Orlando National Airport (MCO).

So when it came time for her retirement, her colleagues couldn’t help but throw her a celebration!

“There she is! K-9 Gema is ready to party. She’s retiring after almost 5 years at MCO with handler Eddie,” MCO wrote on Twitter.


“We’re celebrating the retirement of one of our most loyal and dedicated employees – & we’re sending her off in style.”

The pooch’s handler, named Eddie, was proudly by her side during the party. According to a tweet from @MCO, Gema is much more than a pet to her human. He said:

“In darkness, she is my eyes. She’s my sister, my protection. When lonely, she lets me know I’m not.”

Some surprise guests stopped in to enjoy the festivities. Fellow MCO service dogs (and Gema’s “besties”) Grand, Fina, and Liza came to share their congratulations!

This deserving dog got treated to a giant, meaty bone…

…and she donned a pink “retirement crown” to show off her inner princess.

We’re so glad that this sweetheart got recognition for a job well done! We hope you enjoy your retirement, Gema!

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