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Akita Health Problems, Lifespan, Temperament & Maintenance

| Published on August 22, 2017


Akita Dog Breed

Major Concerns: canine hip dysplasia, PRA suggested tests: hip, elbow, eye

Lifespan: 10–12 years

Avg Size of Female: Height: 23 inches–26 inches Weight: 65 pounds–110 pounds

Avg Size of Male: Height: 25 inches–28 inches Weight: 85 pounds–130 pounds

Minor Concerns: Elbow dysplasia, sebaceous adenitis, gastric torsion, pemphigus

Occasionally Seen: Patellar luxation, VKH-like syndrome, epilepsy, entropion, cataracts, polyneuropathy, renal cortical hypoplasia

Akita Breed Appearance

The Akita is a powerhouse, tall and imposing, with the stature suggestive of its Spitz family. It has the classic curly tail and pointed ears of a northern dog, but its coat is short and plush. The coat is accepted in many different colors and patterns, including brindle or pinto, red, black, or brown.

Akita Breed Temperament

As Hachiko’s story illustrates, the Akita’s loyalty is unsurpassed. It is extremely devoted to its family, typically tolerant of children, and devoted to the end. However, they can be aloof with strangers and are protective of the home. They can be aggressive toward other dogs and exhibit prey drive toward smaller animals. Their tough and confident nature can be translated to stubbornness. If you are adopting an Akita, professional training is recommended, along with heavy socialization.

The Akita is not known for performance in activities such as agility or obedience, as their independent nature is not always compatible with dog sports. However, they are ideal for activities such as hiking, biking or skijoring, as they are powerful and have tremendous endurance.

Akita Breed Maintenance

Like all double-coated dogs, the Akita requires regular brushing. It would benefit from a shed-out bath, perhaps by a professional groomer, twice a year. Like other large, active dogs, the Akita needs a healthy dose of aerobic exercise on a regular basis and would be ideal for an owner who enjoys the outdoors.



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