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Are Corgis Good with Kids?

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on November 26, 2023

With their distinct appearance and enthusiastic personality, Corgis have become increasingly popular as family pets. In this article, we explore the suitability of Corgis as companions for children, examining their temperament, training needs, and overall compatibility with family life.

Understanding the Corgi Temperament: Are They Kid-Friendly?

Corgis are known for their bold and friendly personality. Originally bred as herding dogs, they possess a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness, which can be channeled positively in a family environment. Their playful and affectionate nature often makes them good companions for children. However, their herding instincts may lead to nipping at heels, especially of more minor, running children, which needs to be managed through training.

The Importance of Early Socialization in Corgis

Early socialization is crucial for Corgis, mainly if they interact well with children. Exposing them to different people, environments, and sounds helps them become well-adjusted and less likely to display fear or aggression. A well-socialized Corgi is more likely to be patient and gentle with children.

Training Your Corgi for Life with Kids

Training is essential for ensuring a harmonious relationship between Corgis and kids. They respond well to consistent, positive reinforcement training methods. Basic obedience training helps establish boundaries and teaches the dog to behave around children. It’s also important to teach children how to interact safely with the dog, emphasizing gentle handling and respect for the dog’s space.

Managing the High Energy Levels of Corgis

Corgis are energetic and require regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. Their high energy can be a great match for active children, providing a playmate who can keep up with them. However, their energy must be channeled through appropriate play and exercise to prevent overexcitement or misbehavior.

Health Considerations for Corgis in a Family Setting

Corgis are prone to specific health issues like hip dysplasia and obesity. Families must be aware of these potential health concerns, affecting the dog’s interaction with children. Regular veterinary check-ups, proper diet, and exercise are essential to maintain their health and ensure they remain a happy part of the family.

Creating a Safe and Positive Environment for Kids and Corgis

Ensuring a safe environment for both children and Corgis is critical. This involves teaching children how to interact with the dog properly and providing the dog with a safe space to retreat when needed. Supervision is key to preventing misunderstandings and accidents, especially in homes with very young children.


Corgis can be wonderful family pets and get along well with children when properly trained and socialized. Their playful, loyal, and protective nature makes them well-suited for family life. With the right approach, including training, socialization, and attention to health and safety, Corgis can provide joy and companionship to families with children.


Frequently Asked Questions About Corgis and Children

1. Are Corgis Good with Young Children?

Corgis can be good with young children, but it largely depends on their training and the child’s behavior around the dog. They are loyal and protective, which can benefit a family setting. However, due to their herding instincts, they might nip at running children, so it’s important to supervise interactions and train the Corgi properly.

2. How Do I Introduce My Corgi to My Newborn Baby?

To introduce your Corgi to a newborn baby, let the dog get used to the baby’s scent, perhaps through a blanket or clothing. During the first face-to-face meeting, keep the Corgi on a leash and monitor its reactions closely, rewarding calm behavior. Always supervise any interaction to ensure the safety of both the baby and the dog.

3. Can Corgis Be Too Energetic for Small Children?

Corgis can be quite energetic, and their enthusiasm might be overwhelming for small children. Their playful nature is often a good match for older children, but their activity levels should be monitored to ensure they don’t accidentally knock over or hurt smaller children during play.

4. How Do I Train My Corgi to Be Gentle with Children?

Training your Corgi to be gentle with children involves consistent, positive reinforcement techniques. Focus on teaching basic obedience commands and discourage behaviors like jumping and nipping. Involving children in the training process under supervision can also help the dog learn to be calm and gentle around them.

5. Are Corgis Protective of Children?

Corgis are known for their protective nature, and they can become particularly attached and protective of children in their families. However, ensuring this protective behavior does not turn into overprotectiveness or aggression towards others is essential. Proper socialization and training can help manage these tendencies.

6. What Are the Best Activities for Children to Do with a Corgi?

Great activities for children and Corgis include playing fetch, walking, and participating in agility or obedience training. These activities help in utilizing the Corgi’s energy and intelligence. Ensure that activities are age-appropriate for the child and consider the Corgi’s physical capabilities and temperament.

7. How Can I Teach My Child to Interact with Our Corgi Safely?

Teach your child to interact safely with your Corgi by showing them how to gently pet the dog, avoid rough play, and respect the dog’s space. Educate them about the importance of not disturbing the dog while eating or sleeping. Supervised interactions are essential for building a safe and respectful relationship.

8. What Are the Signs of Stress in Corgis Around Children?

Signs of stress in Corgis around children include excessive licking, yawning, hiding, or reluctance to interact. If these signs are observed, it’s essential to give the Corgi a break and reassess how they are being interacted with, to ensure the dog’s future encounters are more comfortable.

9. How Do I Ensure My Corgi Gets Enough Exercise with Kids Around?

Ensuring your Corgi gets enough exercise with kids involves incorporating the dog into family activities. Encourage your children to participate in the Corgi’s exercise routine, such as playing in the yard or going for family walks. This helps meet the dog’s physical needs and strengthens the bond between the pet and the children.

10. Can Corgis Adapt to a Family Environment with Multiple Children?

Corgis can adapt well to a family environment with multiple children, especially if they are adequately trained and socialized. They thrive on attention and can be great playmates for children. However, ensuring that the dog is not overwhelmed and that all interactions are supervised for safety is essential.

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