Woman Learns How To Touch Angry Chihuahua And Changes His Fate In A Week

Arnold, a terrified Chihuahua, was taken in by Terri, an experienced animal rescuer and foster mom. The poor little dog was classified as ‘angry’ because he lashed out when anyone tried to touch him. Terri says he often looked like he was smiling while snarling, possibly because Arnold didn’t know how to express himself or wrap his head around all of his emotions.


Terri spent hours each day working with Arnold. Gaining his trust was her top priority. She understood that a dog this angry is a product of being mistreated. Why should he trust humans if all they did was betray him? Terri started slowly by using a closed fist to touch Arnold. He screamed and opened his mouth to warn her but didn’t bite her hand. The little Chihuahua then allowed Terri to pet his chest. She worked her way up to his head and stroked him behind the ears. It was a turning point, for sure!


The next morning, Terri walked over to Arnold on his dog bed and the pup rolled onto his back and wagged his tail. What a victory! Arnold’s story is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to kind humans like Terri, who never give up on animals, dogs like Arnold get a second chance at life. Scroll down to see all this unfold. It’s incredible.

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