10 Dog Breeds That Can Have The Highest Vet Bills

It’s no secret that dogs cost money, especially when it comes to veterinary visits. From routine vaccinations to serious illness or injury, there are thousands of reasons dog owners seek medical help for their dogs each year – and pay a very pretty penny for it. Although all dog owners should be ready to handle emergencies, understanding your breed’s common health problems (if they have any) is important when making day to day decisions about your dog’s health.   If … Read more

iHeartDogs Editor’s Summer 2021 Choice Awards

Sponsored Content You love to spoil your dog with new stuff, but it’s a real bummer when a product doesn’t work out for your canine BFF. With all the products and services available for dogs, you can easily get lost trying to decide what works and what doesn’t for your furry family. But the dedicated dog lovers of iHeartDogs are here to help. We’ve pawed through tons of products to find the hidden treasures you and your dog need. Here’s … Read more

Should you home test your diabetic dog? A deep dive into the specifics:

As our friends at PetTest have discussed before, home glucose testing is the greatest tool to get a handle on managing canine diabetes in your dog. Many vets don’t mention the importance of home testing early on — likely because the whole diagnosis can be very overwhelming. Sadly, though, many others just don’t believe that home testing is a good idea (the reasons allude us all). If your child was diagnosed with diabetes, we’re fairly certain that the pediatrician would … Read more

Breeds Most Vulnerable To Dental Disease

If you found your way here to this page, odds are pretty high that you, well, love dogs. You even love them when they fight you [literally] tooth and nail to avoid having their teeth brushed. No one likes forcing a toothbrush across an unwilling dog’s teeth every day. Hey, even little humans take a few years to adjust to that idea. Still, dental hygiene is extremely important to your dog’s overall well-being – not just the way their breath … Read more

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Pet Parents Need To Know

Brought to you in partnership with Let’s start with this…there is no cause for alarm if you are the loving parent of a pup. With the current news coverage about COVID-19 and pets, you may be wondering what this means for your fur family. As of now, all reputable sources point to there being no risk for dogs contracting the virus. Our partners at Wellness are offering an amazing opportunity to feed your dog well. They bring more love and … Read more

How Much and How Often to Feed Your Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home means endless cuddles, romping and playing around, sloppy kisses, and sweet puppy breath. They bring so much excitement and happiness into our lives, and we want to provide the best care for these bundles of joy. Making sure your puppy is happy and healthy starts with understanding proper nutrition right from the start. This is a vital component to raising a puppy that will become a healthy, happy, and energetic adult dog. To get more … Read more

Dog Licking Paws: Remedies and Reasons

By: Natasha Feduick, LVT* Does your dog lick and chew her paws all the time? Do you have to constantly deter her away from obsessively licking her toes? Does it drive you nuts to have little wet spots on the couch and bed from where she was spending her day chewing on her paws? Do you ever sit and watch, and just wonder why she is chomping away on her own little foot or if there is a “dog chewing … Read more

iHeartDogs Co-Founder Ate Dog Food and This Happened…

  NomNomNow makes it easier than ever to prioritize your dog’s health and happiness with freshly made meals. Visit their website to learn more about their vet nutritionist formulated recipes. Your dog can’t wait to eat his way to better health. Get your quote today and receive $25 off your first order.

How To Keep Your Dog From Jumping

Learn how to use body language to successfully communicate to your dog what you want him to do. Ask for space by using a technique called ‘body blocking’. Demonstrate calm, composed behaviour by keeping your body as much one unit as possible and leaning in to the jumping dog. This tells your dog to respect your personal bubble. Don’t talk to or pet the dog during the inappropriate jumping up. Instead, wait for something appropriate (sit, down, backing away) then … Read more

6 Natural Remedies for Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

  Skin allergies are a common problem among dogs and owners and veterinarians alike are constantly fighting to make dogs more comfortable. Dogs, like people, can be allergic to just about anything, from their food to the environment. While there are many different medications to help deal with allergy symptoms, many of us prefer to go a more natural route first to make sure we’ve tried all of the safest options. Always consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog … Read more

The 10 Best Small Dogs For Kids

  Are you thinking about getting a dog for your family, but you’re worried about getting one that won’t tolerate your children? While larger dogs are less fragile and less likely to be accidentally injured, there are some small breeds that do well with children. Keeping in mind that dogs don’t come with guarantees and any dog needs training, here are 10 small dog breeds that do well with kids. #1 – Beagle The Beagle is a friendly, happy dog … Read more