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10 Best Anti-Chew Sprays For Dogs

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on September 5, 2023

Reviewed by: Dr. Theresa Fossum

Reviewed by:

Dr. Theresa Fossum

Meet Dr. Theresa (Terry) W. Fossum, DVM, MS. Ph.D., Diplomate ACVS – a remarkable animal lover whose passion for animal care and innovative solutions has left an indelible mark on the veterinary world. As the CEO of both Phoenix Animal Wellness and Epic Veterinary Specialists, she's ensuring dogs and cats receive the highest level of care and compassion.Read more
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If you’re a new pawrent, you might be wondering if the best anti-chew sprays for dogs are worth it. In many cases, the answer is yes because most dogs love to chew. Like a toddler, they will put anything in their mouth and chew it with full force. Teething puppies may destroy shoes, clothes, and even furniture if not trained properly.

The chewing can be frustrating when all your favorite things keep getting ruined. So, an anti-chew spray can be a great tool in these situations. When paired with training, you can teach your puppy to chew less by using the spray to deter them. To help you decide which spray to use, we have put together a list of the ten best anti-chew sprays for dogs. They each have a bitter or foul taste that most dogs will avoid.

Puppy chewing on cat tree

If your dog is chewing their own paws, you may want to consult your vet before using an anti-chew spray. There’s a chance they could be biting because of more serious concerns like fleas or allergies.

Reasons Your Dog May Be Chewing

Most dogs chew for fun. They find it entertaining and a way to kill boredom. Thus, there are numerous chew toys available for dogs. If your dog has excessive chewing habits, then investing in some good chew toys is an excellent idea. However, not all dogs will stick to only toys. Some dogs develop destructive chewing traits where they’ll chew everything in sight, which could ruin furniture, shoes, and other household items.

Destructive chewing is often caused by stress or anxiety. Anxious dogs may chew just like how nervous humans may bite their nails. Your dog may be suffering from emotional or mental stress, so chewing is just the pathway to get it all out. Luckily, your vet can help with chewing problems related to stress, and trainers can help if it’s related to boredom or a lack of training. While your dog is learning not to chew, an anti-chew spray can help the process go faster.

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Best Anti-Chew Sprays for Dogs

1. SKOUT'S HONOR, Super Sour Anti-Chew Spray
  • Fragrance-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Sour apple flavor
  • Effective both indoors and outdoors
  • Uses only natural ingredients
  • Can be applied directly to your pet’s skin

Many dogs hate sour foods, which is why most anti-chew sprays are bitter to resemble those flavors. This Skout’s Honor product has a sour apple flavor to avert dogs from licking or chewing things they shouldn’t. You can even use it to stop them from licking their own paws. Also, it includes natural bittering agents and is free from alcohol. Using it is safe for both your pet and your belongings. You can use this unscented spray both indoors and outdoors.

2. OUT! PetCare Bitter Cherry Chew Deterrent
  • Doesn't stain
  • Free from alcohol and chemicals
  • Can be used on any washable surface
  • Contains a pleasant fragrance with bitter flavor
  • Can be used on your dog's skin

    Some chew deterrents smell unpleasant, making dog parents unwilling to spray them in their homes. However, this product has a nice cherry smell despite having a bitter taste. It’s safe to use on your pet’s skin, even on hot spots and bandages. Additionally, it’s non-toxic and free from alcohol, meaning you won’t have to worry about your pet’s safety when protecting your belongings. The strong formula helps break your dog’s chewing habit by discouraging licking, biting, and chewing. You can use it on any piece of furniture because it will not stain surfaces.

    3. Rocco & Roxie No Chew Spray for Dogs
    • Strong bitter taste
    • Alcohol-free
    • Works on all surfaces
    • Completely harmless and non-toxic for pets
    • Safe to use on dog’s skin
    • Soothes hot spots

      The Rocco & Roxie no chew spray for dogs is an effective choice since most dogs can’t stand the flavor. The extremely bitter formula helps discourage the licking and chewing of household items and keeps your dog away from unwanted places. If your pet has a habit of licking and biting their wounds or bandages, this product can help. It even has calming Copaiba oil to soothe hot spots. Since it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, it won’t sting skin or stain surfaces.

      4. Grannick's Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle
      • Non-toxic and harmless for pets
      • Effectively discourages chewing
      • Has a nice fragrance
      • Bitter apple taste
      • Works on all surfaces, even on dog skin

      Also available at Petco

        This spray by Grannick’s can keep your dog’s behavior in check as you work on further training. The bitter apple dog spray is proven to deter your dog from chewing all your belongings because it has a strong taste that they will find disgusting. You can use it on furniture, rugs, and even on dogs’ skin to prevent them from licking their wounds. It’s non-toxic and safe for all dogs. It comes in either an 8-ounce or 16-ounce bottle.

        5. Vet's Best Bitter Cherry Spray No Chew Dog Deterrent
        • Has a pleasant cherry scent
        • Lemon extract and grapeseed extract cause the bitter taste
        • Doesn't stain or sting
        • Works safely on your dog’s skin
        • Alcohol-free

          This no-chew dog deterrent by Vet’s Best has a sweet cherry smell that will not stink up your house. Plus, it has a potent bitter taste that will keep your dog away from your valuables. With ingredients like lemon extract and grapeseed extract, your dog will strongly dislike this spray, causing them to chew less. It’s an alcohol-free formula that can be safely applied to your dog’s skin as needed. The liquid is clear and non-staining.

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          6. Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Spray
          • Bitter lemon taste
          • Made with natural ingredients
          • Non-toxic
          • Safe for dogs of all ages
          • Works effectively anywhere
          • Lasts long

            The Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Spray can help you worry less about your puppy chewing on things they shouldn’t. The spray works on every surface without ruining it. It’s made with only natural ingredients, including lemon extract to give it a bitter flavor that most dogs can’t stand. It doesn’t include any harmful chemicals, so it’s safe to use on dog skin. It has an immediate effect on pets and lasts for a long time to make it easy to train your pup out of their bad habits.

            7. Jungle Pet Dog No Chew Spray for Dogs
            • Safe to use on dog’s skin
            • Bitter taste discourages chewing
            • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
            • Can be used on wounds, hot spots, and sores
            • Approved by veterinarians

              This no-chew spray by Jungle Pet has a bitter taste that can serve multiple purposes. It’s a pet deterrent spray that’s safe to use on household items, furniture, plants, trees, and even on dogs’ skin. You can use this pet-safe spray to prevent your pet from licking and biting sores, hot spots, and wounds. It will not sting or irritate the skin. Many pets despise the strong bittering agent, so wherever you spray it, your dog will be less likely to chew that spot.

              8. Pets Are Kids Too - Anti Chew Dog Training Spray
              • Alcohol-free
              • Has a strong bitter taste
              • Uses a human-grade bittering agent
              • Recommended and formulated by vets
              • Convenient to use

                This anti-chew dog spray will take away all the stress that your dog’s chewing habits are causing. Made with a human-grade bittering agent, it’s strong and effective. You can use this spray anywhere in your house and it works quickly to deter dogs from chewing. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and it’s alcohol-free. It’s more bitter than similar products, making it more effective. Overall, it’s fairly easy to use and can be reapplied once the effect wears off.

                9. NaturVet Bitter Yuck for Outdoor Pets
                • Free from alcohol
                • Doesn't leave stain marks
                • Good for both indoors and outdoors
                • Formulated by veterinarians
                • Safe to use on plants, furniture, and dog skin

                Also available at Petco

                The NaturVet Bitter Yuck anti-chew spray has a potent sour taste that can make your dog uninterested in an object with just one lick. Its convenient packaging makes it easy to use, and it can be reapplied on surfaces when needed. Also, it’s alcohol-free and will not stain your furniture or other belongings. It is also safe to use on indoor and outdoor surfaces, along with on puppy paws. Plus, the water-based formula is completely harmless for pets.

                10. SynergyLabs Fooey! Ultra Bitter Spray
                • Bitter taste from grapefruit skin extract
                • Can be used indoors or outdoors
                • Safe to use on dog’s skin
                • Alcohol-free
                • Doesn’t contain any fragrance
                • Won't stain your belongings

                  The ultra-bitter spray is loved by many pet parents because most dogs can’t stand the flavor. It’s one of the most bitter sprays you’ll find for your dog, using grapefruit skin extract. It will show results immediately, causing your dog to chew less. Using this spray can help save your home from chewing destruction. It can be used indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, it doesn’t contain any fragrance. It is free from any harmful chemicals and will not stain your valuables.

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                  What To Look For


                  Before purchasing an anti-chew spray, consider the surface you’re going to spray it on. Not all sprays are suitable for every surface. Some are better for indoors, some are better for outdoors, and some work for both. Furniture, shoes, carpets, plants, and electrical cords are just a few items you might use the spray on.

                  Sometimes you may need an anti-chew spray to deter your dog from licking and chewing wounds, sores, hot spots, or dry skin. In that case, you will need to pick a spray that’s safe for your dog’s skin and avoid sprays that could sting, such as ones with alcohol.

                  Concerned about your dog’s skin issues? Check out these 6 Soothing Strategies for Dry Skin on Dogs.


                  The best and safest anti-chew sprays only require two main ingredients: water and a bittering agent. The more ingredients, the less safe the spray will likely be. Always look at the ingredients list before purchasing a product for your dog. When choosing an anti-chew spray, make sure it doesn’t include alcohol or chemicals. Instead, look for natural bittering agents like lemon, grapefruit, and sour apple extracts. They can be applied anywhere and will not stain or sting.


                  Taste is the main aspect of an anti-chew spray since it’s what will discourage your dog from chewing. Most sprays include bittering agents that dogs will despise, but some may not be powerful enough to deter your dog. In that case, you will have to try different sprays and see what works best. Some anti-chew sprays have a more potent bitter taste than others, causing them to avert even stubborn chewers.

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                  Dog chewing on plush object


                  What does an anti-chew spray do?

                  An anti-chew spray has a bitter, sour taste that can deter your dog from chewing on your belongings. You can spray it onto things that your dog can’t stop chewing like furniture, rugs, plants, and wires. One lick of the foul taste should be enough to prevent your dog from chewing that thing again.

                  Are anti-chew sprays safe for dogs?

                  Anti-chew sprays are harmless. They do not contain any harmful ingredients and only have a bitter taste, mainly lemon or grape skin extract. Dogs hate the bitter taste and it effectively keeps them away from their destructive chewing habits. Apart from giving dogs a foul taste on their tongue, an anti-chew spray is safe. However, you should always check the ingredients list just to be safe.

                  Is an anti-chew spray necessary?

                  If your pet is a vigorous chewer that destroys your belongings often, then an anti-chew spray might be necessary for you. It will keep your belongings safe from your pet’s teeth and will control your dog’s chewing. If your dog only chews casually, chew toys may be enough to deter them from chewing on other objects.

                  Do anti-chew sprays work?

                  Anti-chew sprays work for the time being, but they may not be a long-term solution. They deter dogs from chewing on objects because of the flavor, but once you stop using the spray, your pup may start chewing again. So, you should also work on rewarding your dog for not chewing when you’re using the anti-chew spray.

                  Dogs fighting over fabric


                  Dogs chewing your belongings and ruining your household items can be frustrating. However, it’s even more troublesome if your dog starts chewing dangerous things like electrical wires. To keep your pet and your belongings safe from destruction, the best anti-chew sprays for dogs may come in handy. They’re non-toxic and effective against a dog’s strong chewing habits.

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