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6 Best Dog Brushes for Matted Hair

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on November 6, 2023
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Matted hair can be a troublesome issue for many dog owners, often leading to discomfort for their pets and potential skin problems. Finding the best dog brush for tackling matted hair is critical to maintain your dog’s coat health and to ensure grooming sessions are a stress-free experience. This article will introduce you to the most effective brushes designed to safely and gently remove mats, transforming a potentially painful grooming ordeal into a soothing ritual for your furry friend. We’ll discuss the features that make these brushes indispensable for dogs prone to matting, and how regular use can prevent future tangles from taking hold.


#1 – Freshly Bailey Dog and Cat Dematting Deshedding Brush Tool – Double Sided Undercoat Rake Shedding Comb Mat Remover Deshedder Safe Detangler for Matted Hair/Fur

The Freshly Bailey Dog and Cat Dematting Deshedding Brush Tool is a versatile grooming tool for medium to long-haired dogs and cats. The brush features rounded teeth on one side for easy removal of mats and tangles, and rounded teeth on the other side for de-shedding and thinning hair. It is designed to be safe for pets, with sharp inner teeth that remove dead undercoat hair without causing harm. The brush also provides a soothing massage effect and helps to promote a healthy, shiny coat by removing dead hair and improving blood circulation.


#2 – FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs – Long Hair

The FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Large Dogs with Long Hair is designed specifically for dogs over 50 pounds. It effectively removes loose undercoat hair without causing any harm to the skin or topcoat. The tool features a FURejector button that allows for easy hair release and has an ergonomic handle for comfortable grooming. The product comes with a guarantee and is packaged in sustainable packaging.


#3 – Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats (Blue)

The Pet Grooming Brush is a professional de-shedding tool for dogs and cats that effectively reduces shedding by up to 95%. It is designed to remove dead hair and tangles in just 10 minutes, saving pet owners time and money on expensive grooming services. The brush features a durable stainless steel blade and an easy-grip handle for precise and effortless grooming. It also promotes a healthy and shiny pet coat, while establishing a stronger bond between owners and their pets.


#4 – Slicker Dog Brush for Shedding Short Hair & Long Hair – Cat Brush & Dog Grooming Supplies, Deshedding for Single or Double Coated Dogs & Cats – Undercoat Rake for Your Pet

The Slicker Dog Brush for Shedding Short Hair & Long Hair is a dog grooming tool that is designed to effectively remove loose hair and prevent matting in both medium to large-sized dogs. The brush features gentle bristles that are comfortable for the dog, yet firm enough to untangle tough knots and mats. With an ergonomic and durable design, this brush effortlessly removes debris and dead hair from the pet’s coat, making it suitable for all dogs, including those with thin or thick coats or sensitive skin. Additionally, customers can expect responsive and reliable customer service from the company.


#5 – Hertzko Dog and Cat Fur Comb Deshedding Tool – 2-in-1 Grooming Brush for Removing Mats and Tangles – Undercoat Rake for Dogs and Cats – Dog Hair Brush Ideal for Shedding – Hertzko Dog Brush

The Hertzko Dog and Cat Fur Comb Deshedding Tool is a 2-in-1 grooming brush designed to remove mats, tangles, and loose undercoat fur from dogs and cats of all sizes and hair types. The tool features a fine deshedder on one side to remove loose undercoat fur and a coarse comb on the other side to detangle hair and remove mats and knots. The brush is designed with sharp but safe edges to prevent scratching your pet’s skin and has a flexible brush neck to minimize skin irritation. Regular use of this grooming tool not only improves the appearance of your pet’s coat but also promotes a healthy coat and increases blood circulation.


#6 – Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush – Double-Sided Undercoat Rake for Dogs & Cats – Shedding Comb and Dematting Tool for Grooming, Extra Wide

The Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush is a versatile grooming tool for dogs and cats. It features a double-sided design, with one side for dematting and the other for deshedding. The rounded teeth ensure that your pet’s skin is protected during grooming. This brush is suitable for pets with thick, long fur and is also durable enough for use on horses. It also has an easy-grip handle for added convenience.


What Brush Type is Best for Matted Fur?

The best brush type for dealing with matted fur is a dematting tool or comb. These tools have specially designed blades or teeth that gently cut through and remove mats without pulling on your dog’s skin. They work by slicing through the tangled fur in a way that untangles without causing pain, making them an essential tool for dogs with long or dense coats prone to matting. For maintenance and to prevent mats from forming, a slicker brush can be used regularly to detangle fur before mats set in. It’s important to approach matted fur gently and patiently to avoid causing discomfort or injury to your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brushes for Dematting Dog Hair

1. What is the best type of brush for dematting dog hair?
A dematting rake or comb is the best type of brush for tackling mats in dog hair. These tools have sharp teeth designed to cut through the mat without pulling the skin, making the process less painful for your dog. They work effectively by slicing the mats into smaller, more manageable sections that can be brushed out.

2. How often should I use a dematting brush on my dog?
Dematting brushes should be used as needed when you notice mats forming. It’s not typically a daily tool but rather one that should be used during your regular grooming sessions whenever you encounter tangled areas in your dog’s coat.

3. Can dematting brushes be used on all dog breeds?
While dematting brushes can be used on many breeds, they are especially useful for long-haired or double-coated dogs that are prone to matting. Always use the brush appropriate for your dog’s specific coat type and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use.

4. Will a dematting brush hurt my dog?
If used correctly, a dematting brush should not hurt your dog. It’s important to be gentle and patient, work through mats slowly, and hold the base of the hair near the skin to minimize pulling. Always aim to make grooming a positive experience for your pet.

5. What’s the difference between a dematting comb and a regular comb?
A dematting comb typically has fewer, wider-spaced teeth with sharp edges designed to cut through mats. In contrast, a regular comb has more teeth that are closer together and is used for general grooming and removing loose fur rather than specifically targeting mats.

6. Is it better to demat dog hair before or after bathing?
It’s better to demat dog hair before bathing. Water can tighten mats and make them more difficult to remove. Always try to work out the tangles and mats when the coat is dry.

7. How can I avoid matting in my dog’s coat?
To avoid matting, establish a regular grooming routine that includes brushing your dog’s coat several times a week with the appropriate brush for their coat type. Pay special attention to areas prone to matting, like behind the ears and under the legs.

8. What should I do if the mat doesn’t come out with a dematting brush?
If a mat doesn’t come out with a dematting brush, it may be too tight and require professional attention. Take your dog to a groomer rather than risking cutting the skin by trying to remove the mat yourself.

9. Can I use a dematting spray with a dematting brush?
Yes, dematting sprays can help lubricate the fur, making it easier to brush through mats. They can be particularly helpful when used in conjunction with a dematting brush, as they allow the teeth to glide through the coat more easily.

10. Are there any safety tips I should follow when using a dematting brush?
When using a dematting brush, always work in the direction of hair growth and take care not to tug at the skin. Start from the outer edge of the mat slowly work inward, and never use force. It’s also wise to regularly check the brush for any signs of wear that could harm your dog’s skin.


Conclusion: Best Dog Brush for Matted Hair

Concluding, the battle against matted hair in dogs is one that can be won with the right tools and techniques. The best dog brush for matted hair not only smooths out knots but also promotes a healthy, shiny coat and comfortable grooming habits. Remember, the key to avoiding mats is as much about the preventive care as it is about the remedy. Armed with the knowledge of the top brushes for matted hair, you can now ensure your dog’s coat stays free of painful tangles and your pet remains as happy and healthy as can be.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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