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Best Dog Groomers in Lakewood, Colorado

Written by: Zyra Capalac
Zyra is a Special Project Coordinator of HomeLife Media and a writer for She has 3 dogs namely Skye, Luna, and one of them is a rescue, named Tesla.Read more
| Published on October 10, 2023

Lakewood, Colorado, a city nestled against the backdrop of the majestic Rocky Mountains, is a haven for dog lovers. With its plethora of parks, trails, and pet-friendly spaces, it’s no wonder that Lakewood residents are passionate about their four-legged companions. The city’s vibrant community spirit extends to its pet services, and when it comes to pampering your furry friend, Lakewood boasts some of the best dog groomers in the state.

Best Dog Groomers in Lakewood, Colorado
Best Dog Groomers in Lakewood, Colorado

In this quest for the “Best Dog Groomers in Lakewood, Colorado,” we’ll explore the grooming scene in this pet-friendly city and help you find the perfect spot to treat your pup.

Dog Grooming Delight in Lakewood

When it comes to pet care, Lakewood residents are committed to ensuring their dogs receive top-notch treatment. Dog grooming in Lakewood goes beyond mere fur trimming; it’s an experience that leaves tails wagging and owners smiling. From specialized spa treatments to breed-specific styling, Lakewood’s dog groomers provide a range of services that cater to every canine need.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Groomer:

  1. Read Reviews: Before trusting a groomer with your furry friend, delve into online reviews. Websites like Yelp offer insights into the experiences of other pet owners, helping you make an informed decision.
  2. Visit the Facility: Take a tour of the grooming facility to ensure it’s clean, well-maintained, and equipped with the necessary tools. A welcoming environment contributes to a positive grooming experience for your dog.
  3. Ask About Services: Different dogs have different needs. Ensure the groomer offers services tailored to your dog’s breed, size, and coat type. Discuss your preferences and any specific requirements your dog may have.
  4. Check Qualifications: A skilled groomer understands the nuances of various dog breeds. Check for certifications or training to ensure your groomer is knowledgeable and experienced.
  5. Grooming Frequency: Understand your dog’s grooming needs. Some breeds require regular grooming, while others may need less frequent sessions. Discuss the optimal grooming schedule with your chosen groomer.

Top 3 Dog Groomers in Lakewood, CO:

  1. Paw Perfection Grooming
  2. Mountain Paws Grooming
  3. Bark Avenue Pet Salon

In Summary: Lakewood, Colorado, is a haven for dog lovers, and its grooming scene lives up to the city’s reputation for excellence. When searching for the “Best Dog Groomers in Lakewood, Colorado,” consider factors like reviews, facility visits, and service offerings to ensure your furry friend receives the pampering they deserve. And, with the top-rated groomers mentioned above, your pup is in for a treat. Whether it’s Paw Perfection Grooming, Mountain Paws Grooming, or Bark Avenue Pet Salon, Lakewood’s dog groomers are dedicated to providing a tail-wagging, paw-some experience for your beloved pet.

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