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13 Best Dog Sofas & Couches

Written by: Arlene D.
Arlene A. Divina, a resident of the Philippines, is a devoted fur mom to two adorable dogs: a Shih Tzu and a Beagle. With a passion for animals and storytelling, Arlene has channeled her love for dogs into her career as a content writer at iHeartDogs. Her writing captures the essence of the bond between humans and their furry companions, offering insights, tips, and heartfelt stories to a wide audience of dog enthusiasts. Read more
| Published on October 16, 2023
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When it comes to the comfort and well-being of your four-legged friend, nothing says luxury like a quality dog sofa or couch. Dog sofas are not only a fashionable addition to your living space; they also offer superior comfort and support for your pet. From orthopedic cushions to chic designs that complement your home decor, the choices are endless. This article will explore the top picks in the world of dog sofas and couches, discussing their features, benefits, and what to consider when making your purchase.

Dog relaxing on sofa

Buyer’s Guide: Dog Sofa and Couch Beds

Before you buy a new dog bed, consider the following factors.


Make sure the dog sofa is big enough for your pet to stretch out on. To make sure the size is correct, measure your pet’s length when in their preferred sleeping position.


Most pet couches are either rectangular or rounded. If your dog prefers to sleep curled up, you may want to consider a rounded one over other shapes.


Many dog couches are elevated to offer extra joint support and comfort for dogs. However, if your dog is short and has a hard time climbing up on furniture, you should make sure the bed isn’t too high for them.


Make sure the bed you choose has materials that are both comfortable and durable, helping the bed last as long as possible. Also, if your dog is older or facing joint issues, they may benefit from a bed with orthopedic foam. The materials should also be easy to clean.


Finally, consider the bed’s price, especially if you’re on a budget. Check the reviews to make sure the bed is worth the price it’s listed for.

Best Dog Sofas and Couches

FunnyFuzzy Vintage Leisure Dog Sofa Bed
  • Fuzzy exterior material
  • Supportive cushions benefit the neck and hips
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Cover is removable for easy cleaning
  • Comes in three sizes and five colors

The FunnyFuzzy Vintage Leisure Dog Sofa Bed is a large plush bed shaped like a mini couch. It’s made of fuzzy premium fabric with a supportive cushion that benefits the neck and hips. It has an anti-slip bottom and the cover is detachable for easy cleaning. With three sizes and five color patterns, you’ll be sure to find a option that caters to your pup’s preferences

SHAVI Large Dog Couch
  • Filled with thick and soft memory foam
  • Exterior is covered with velvet
  • Takes only a few minutes to assemble
  • Elevates your dog off the ground
  • Comes in two sizes and several colors

The SHAVI Large Dog Couch is a pet sofa designed for large and medium-sized dogs. It features a thick and soft memory foam filling to provide comfort and support for pets, while the 2-inch legs lift the couch off the ground to keep pets warm. The sofa is covered in super soft velvet that’s gentle on pets’ skin and resistant to tearing. It has a stylish design that can be used in various settings and is easy to assemble and clean

Paws & Purrs Modern Pet Sofa
  • Includes 3" foam padding
  • Removable and machine-washable cover
  • Elevated off the ground
  • Best for small and medium sized pets
  • Variety of colors and sofa styles available

The Paws & Purrs Modern Pet Sofa is a low lounging bed designed for small dogs, cats, and other pets. It features a scaled-down design specifically for small or medium pets, providing a cozy and relaxing spot for them to rest. The sofa comes with a removable and machine-washable cover, making it easy to clean and maintain. The overall dimensions of the sofa are 31.5″ W x 19.5″ D x 15.5″ H, with a weight limit of 50 lbs.

Moots Premium Leatherette Pets Sofa
  • Made of durable materials like leather and polyester
  • Cushion has shredded memory foam
  • Includes a waterproof liner
  • Cushion has a heavy-duty locking zipper
  • Comes in several sizes and colors
  • Can be personalized

The Moots Premium Leatherette Pets Sofa is a small pet sofa designed with durability, style, and easy cleaning in mind. The faux leather material is reinforced with textile mesh for added strength and can be easily wiped clean. The sofa is filled with a combination of poly-fiber and shredded memory foam for durability and comfort, while a waterproof liner protects the filling from accidents. The sofa also features a strong wood frame, real wooden legs, and a heavy-duty zipper with locking sliders to prevent pets from opening the cushion cover.

Enchanted Home Pet Rockwell Pet Sofa
  • Slightly elevated bed
  • Removable and washable cushion cover
  • Includes a storage pocket
  • Supports pets up to 75 pounds
  • Comes in five sizes

The Enchanted Home Pet Rockwell Sofa is a large pet couch suitable for dogs weighing up to 75 pounds. The sofa features 2″ legs that lift the bed off the floor, providing a draft-free environment for your furry friend. It also includes a storage pocket for toys and bones, a removable and washable cushion cover, and generous dimensions for comfortable seating.

  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Elevated design
  • Removable, washable pillow
  • Made of grey polyester fabric

This is a modern and stylish sofa bed designed for small dogs and cats. It features a thickly padded cushion and a wooden frame covered in soft plush, providing a cozy place for pets to relax and lounge. The elevated design of the sofa helps pets feel safe and secure while they sleep, making it a convenient and useful addition to any pet store, hospital, or home. The removable sofa cushion adds versatility and easy cleaning for pet parents.

Enchanted Home Pet Rosie Sofa
  • 3" legs elevate bed off the floor
  • Circular design with raised edges
  • Removable and washable cushion cover
  • Made of soft polyester that comes in several colors

The Enchanted Home Pet Rosie Sofa is a medium-sized pet bed designed to keep your pet comfortable and draft-free. With 3″ legs, the bed is lifted off the floor, catering to pets who prefer to curl up or lean while sleeping. The cushion cover is removable and washable, and the bed can accommodate pets up to 30 pounds. The dimensions of the bed are 27″ W x 27″ D x 14″ H, with a cushion size of 22″ x 22″ and a height of 8.5″ from the floor to the top of the cushion.

PawHut Luxury Fancy Dog Bed for Small Dogs
  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Dense 3-inch cushion
  • Includes hidden storage space
  • Fuzzy exterior and elevated bottom
  • Comes in two colors

The PawHut Luxury Fancy Dog Bed is a small, modern pet sofa bed that provides a snug sleeping space for small dogs and puppies. The bed features a thick 3-inch cushion made of soft foam, providing a plush surface for pets to rest on. Additionally, the bed offers hidden storage underneath the liftable top, allowing pet parents to save space and store items such as toys, clothes, and leashes. The bed’s modern design, with its arched arm and tufted cushion, adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Stonehomy Pet Sofa Bed for Small Dogs
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Made of high quality linen and sponge interior
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Supports up to 88 pounds but ideal for small dogs
  • Sponge interior is removable

The Stonehomy Pet Sofa Bed is a comfortable and durable option for small dogs and cats. The cushion cover is made of soft fleece and filled with cozy sponge, providing a comfortable sleeping area. The removable cover and easy-to-clean design make it convenient for pet owners. With a sturdy wooden frame and a 3-sided bolstered design, this pet sofa bed offers security and support for pets weighing up to 88 pounds. It’s suitable for various small dog breeds.

Keet Fluffy Deluxe Pet Bed
  • Faux leather exterior
  • Comes with shredded memory foam cushion
  • Removable, machine-washable cushion cover
  • Strong wood frame
  • Comes in several sizes and colors

The Keet Fluffy Deluxe Pet Bed is a spacious and comfortable bed for pets of various breeds. It now comes with new features such as a stronger box for safe transportation, extra filling of shredded memory foam for enhanced comfort, and arms that can be used as headrests by pets. The removable cushion cover is made of soft fabric and is machine-washable. The frame is handmade with strong wood and upholstered in high-quality leatherette, making it easy to clean and suitable for any home décor style.

Homepop Home Decor Upholstered Curved Pet Bed
  • Supports up to 100 pounds but ideal for small and medium breeds
  • Elevated design
  • Made with stain-resistant fabric
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in several colors

The Homepop Home Decor Upholstered Curved Pet Bed is a luxurious and stylish piece of furniture designed for cats and dogs. Made with stain-resistant fabric and carved wood legs, this pet bed offers a timeless style that will fit seamlessly into any home decor. The elevated sides of the bed provide a sense of security for your pet, while the lightweight design allows for easy assembly and maintenance. With dimensions of 14″ x 22″ x 18″, this bed works well for small to medium-sized dogs and cats.

BingoPaw Large Dog Sofa Bed
  • Long sofa allows pets to stretch out
  • Supports up to 80 or 120 pounds, depending on the size
  • Made of breathable, scratch-resistant faux leather
  • Includes orthopedic cushion
  • Comes in two sizes

The BingoPaw Large Dog Sofa Bed is a pet luxury elevated couch designed for dogs. The sofa bed features a scratching-resistant surface and a removable cover, making it easy to clean and maintain. With its extra large size and strong load-bearing capacity, it provides ample space and comfort for large dogs.

dCee Medium Pet Sofa
  • Made with velvet fabric and a foam cushion
  • Supports up to 70 pounds
  • Wood legs have anti-slip bases
  • Velcro keeps cushion in place
  • Comes in three sizes and four colors

The dCee Medium Pet Sofa is a comfortable and supportive dog sofa designed to hold up to 70 pounds. Made with a soft velvety fabric, the pet couch provides a cozy sleep space for your furry friend while also protecting your furniture from damage and dirt. With a simple and modern design, this dog sofa bed is a stylish addition to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dog Sofa Beds Good for Arthritis?

Yes, certain dog sofa beds can be beneficial for dogs with arthritis. These beds often feature orthopedic support, such as memory foam, which conforms to the dog’s body shape, reducing pressure on aching joints and providing added comfort. Elevated designs can also help by keeping your dog’s joints off the ground.

Are There Dog Couch Beds for Large Dogs?

Yes, there are dog couch beds specifically designed to accommodate large dogs, offering ample space and support. They’re made with sturdy materials and often include features like orthopedic cushions or memory foam to ensure comfort and durability while supporting the dog’s weight and size.

Should Dogs Be Allowed on the Couch?

Whether dogs should be allowed on the couch is subjective and depends on individual pet owners’ preferences and rules. Some owners are comfortable sharing the space with their pets, while others prefer to keep dogs off to maintain cleanliness or avoid potential damage to furniture. It’s essential to consider factors like the dog’s behavior, size, and cleanliness, as well as any allergies or health concerns of human household members.

How Long Do Dog Beds Last?

The lifespan of a dog bed depends on factors like the bed’s quality, material, and the dog’s size, age, and behavior. Generally, a well-made dog bed can last several years, but it may need to be replaced more frequently if it’s used by a larger, more active dog or if it sustains damage. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also extend the bed’s lifespan.

How Do You Clean a Dog Bed?

Cleaning a dog bed typically involves removing the cover and washing it in a washing machine, if it’s machine washable, and then letting it air dry or using a dryer if permitted by the care instructions. The inner cushion can often be spot cleaned or vacuumed to remove dirt, hair, and odors. Always refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions to ensure proper cleaning methods for the specific material and construction of the bed.

How Many Beds Should I Have for My Dog?

It’s often beneficial to have at least two beds for your dog to provide them with resting options in different locations within your home or to have an alternative when one is being cleaned. Additionally, having multiple beds can be especially useful for dogs that have favorite spots in different rooms or for providing them with a comfortable resting place both indoors and outdoors. The number can vary based on the dog’s lifestyle, the owner’s convenience, and the dog’s preferences.

Puppy on couch bed

Conclusion: Best Dog Sofas & Couches

After exploring the various types, materials, and features of dog sofas and couches, we hope you’re equipped to make an informed decision. A well-chosen sofa can drastically improve your dog’s quality of life, offering not just comfort but also essential support for older or arthritic pets.

Remember, the right dog sofa should have a blend of durability, comfort, and style—so choose wisely. Your dog deserves nothing less than the best seat in the house.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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