The 20 Best Durable Toys for Pit Bulls

Pit bulls love their toys. And they love destroying them too! So when we asked our I Love My Pit Bull Facebook community which toys, we got hundreds of responses. Below we’ll share a handful of the most popular suggestions on best toys for pit bulls.


The 14 Top Toys for Pit Bulls, According to Real Pit Bull Owners

Fluff N Tuff! Only stuffy that takes her more then 2 minutes to destroy! They usually last about 2-3 months!

Author: Heidi L. 

Jolly ball he has had this thing most of his life. He is almost 10

Author: Darren D.

West Paw makes some great toys for pits. Typically a ball in our house last maybe five minutes. The ball I got my blue nose pit from west paw lasted a year. And there was only one tooth hole when I took it away and got her a new one. They also replace it one time with the receipt if you baby is able to destroy the toy. Great company great products for pits.

Author: Stefanie P.

Chuck it ball, his security ball!

Author: Heather M.

She loves her Chuck it ball more than anything

Author: Amy C.

I use antlers, they are so tough and my pit bull can’t break pieces of it off awesome for cleaning their teeth too

Author: Jeremey L.

This ball from Jolly Pet–Cali it. She plays soccer with it!

Author: Paula L.

Kong hands down. Have had this one for 9 years now and all my pibbles chew on it.

Author: Andrea P.

Hands down a Jolly Ball (good luck getting it away from them though)

Author: Elaina K.

Cyrus does really well with the BarkBox toys. He very rarely destroys them. This is his new fav Pop Tart

Author: Kelly O.

This alligator toy. Sooo many squeakers .

Author: Kristie S.

This on Amazon very good so far

Author: Roberta M.

If your baby fetches…this is the best toy.

Author: Kristin M.

Nap time with his toy

Author: John M.

Kong Bone. It’s the only one he hasn’t destroyed yet

Author: Dwayne H. 

Ruff Dawg toys.

Author: Sarah H. 

Good ole tennis ball!

Author: Theresa L.

Anything from Ruff Dawgs indestructible line. Otis obsesses over them! He’s had that donut for over a year and there isn’t a single mark on it!

Author: Dan F.

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