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9 Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food Brands for Goldendoodles

Written by: Tarit
| Published on May 16, 2023
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The best freeze-dried dog food brands for Goldendoodles are great alternatives to other types of raw dog food because they’re more convenient while still containing all the necessary nutrients. Trying a freeze-dried product is a great way to get started in the raw dog food world. Plus, many Goldendoodles favor the flavors of freeze-dried dog food over kibble.

So, if you’re looking to try a freeze-dried brand for your Goldendoodle, keep reading to find out what to look for.

Best freeze dried dog food for Goldendoodles

What is Freeze-Dried Dog Food for Goldendoodles?

Freeze-drying is a process for preparing dog food that involves using vacuum pressure to preserve raw ingredients. The process usually removes the moisture from raw food to create a lightweight version with a longer shelf life. Freeze-dried raw food is more convenient than other types of raw dog food while still being rich in nutrients.

Freeze-Dried vs. Dehydrated

Dehydrated dog food goes through a similar process, but it’s not as nutritious. Raw food is dehydrated by circulating warm, dry air over the food to evaporate the moisture without cooking the food. The texture of dehydrated dog food can be brittle.

Freeze-drying processes remove 98% to 99% of moisture from the food while dehydrating food only removes 90% to 95% of the moisture. Thus, freeze-dried dog food retains more natural nutrients, has a longer shelf life, and rehydrates faster than dehydrated dog food.

Pros and Cons of Freeze-Dried Dog Food for Goldendoodles

Like all types of dog food, there are pros and cons to the best freeze-dried dog food.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Longer shelf life than other types of raw food
  • No added fillers or preservatives
  • Appealing to picky eaters
  • Multiple ways to feed
  • Can be beneficial for dogs with allergies


  • Expensive
  • May contain bacteria
  • Hard to find options with grains

Best Freeze Dried Dog Food Brands for Goldendoodles

If you’re considering switching your dog to a freeze-dried diet, below are nine of the best brands to choose from.

1. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Dinner Patties

Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried patties

Stella & Chewy’s offers freeze-dried dog food in the form of patties. You can serve the patties as-is or rehydrate them by crumbling the patties and adding a 1/4 cup of water for every two patties. Rehydrating is recommended to ensure that your dog ingests enough water daily. This food is designed to improve digestion, promote strong teeth and gums, enhance skin and coat health, and increase energy levels.

These raw patties are made with 95% meat, organs, and bones to cater to your dog’s ancestral diet. The rest of the recipe includes nutritious ingredients like organic fruits and vegetables. It comes in a variety of formulas, including recipes with beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, and rabbit. So, you can choose a flavor that caters to your dog’s preferences.


  • Several ways to serve
  • Contains 95% meat, organs, and bones
  • Benefits several health aspects, including digestion, skin, and teeth
  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Made in the USA

2. Sojos Complete Natural Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food Mix

Sojos freeze-dried dog food

To serve this freeze-dried formula to your dog, you just need to add water and let it soak for 15 minutes to enhance the flavor and nutrients. Many dogs are drawn to this food more than kibble, so it can be a great option for picky eaters. If you don’t want to serve it as a full meal, you can also use it as a dog food topper.

When rehydrated, a 7-pound bag of dog food becomes 40 pounds of dog food. Each formula only contains premium, natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives. There are a variety of recipes available, including turkey, beef, lamb, and goat. All the food is made using small-batch baking in USA kitchens.


  • Rehydrating enhances flavors and nutrients
  • Uses premium, natural ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Variety of flavors
  • Made in the USA

3. Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Food

Open Farm freeze-dried dog food

Open Farm has a freeze-dried raw line of dog food that’s minimally processed and never cooked. Each formula in this line is high in protein with 85% meat, organs, and bones in the recipe. The formulas also include organic fruits and vegetables. Using the lot code, you can trace all the ingredients back to the source on the website, so you can feel confident about what’s going into your dog’s tummy.

You can either feed these recipes as full meals or toppers. All you have to do is scoop the food and add water before serving. There are six flavors available: grass-fed beef, surf & turf, pasture-raised lamb, homestead turkey, harvest chicken, and farmer’s table pork. You can also get a variety pack so your pup can taste all the flavors.


  • Trace all ingredients to their source
  • 85% meat, organs, and bones
  • High in protein
  • Variety of flavors
  • Minimally processed natural ingredients

4. BIXBI Rawbble Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Bixbi Rawbble freeze-dried dog food

BIXBI’s Rawbble formulas come in soft, lightweight pellets that you can simply scoop into your dog’s bowl. Adding water is not required unless you need to add more moisture to your dog’s diet. It can be served as a treat, food topper, or full meal. This food comes in several flavors, including beef, duck, lamb, turkey, pork, and chicken.

Each formula is a limited ingredient option, making it perfect for dogs with allergies. 98% of each recipe is made of meat, organs, and bones, so the food contains a minimum of 50% protein. The ingredients are USDA-inspected and sourced in the USA. The recipes avoid fillers, by-products, and artificial preservatives.


  • Convenient
  • Several ways to serve
  • 98% meat, organs, and bones
  • High in protein
  • Sourced and processed in the USA
  • Variety of flavors

5. Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets

Primal freeze-dried nuggets

Primal’s freeze-dried food comes in the form of rectangular-shaped nuggets. Before you serve them to your dog, the company recommends adding warm water, broth, or goat milk to rehydrate them. The ingredients include meat raised without antibiotics, steroids, or hormones, followed by organic fruits and vegetables. This food is a high-protein, balanced diet.

Primal provides a variety of health benefits for dogs, including improved digestion, dental health, eye health, and skin and coat. It can also help with weight management. Chicken is one of the most popular flavors, but the company also offers other recipes, including beef, lamb, pork, duck, and venison.


  • Can be served with water, broth, or goat milk
  • High in protein
  • Benefits several health aspects, including digestion, dental health, and eye health
  • Good for weight management
  • Variety of flavors

6. Halo Meal Bites Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Halo freeze-dried raw dog food

Halo’s freeze-dried raw meal bites might look like kibble from a distance, but they’re a healthier alternative. This food used to be called TruDog, but it was recently rebranded to Halo. The morsels are crunchy like dry dog food, but they’re packed with key nutrients that are often lost during the kibble cooking process.

You can feed this food dry for added convenience or you can rehydrate it by adding some warm water. All the ingredients come from animal sources, and 99% are real meat and organs. This food can benefit your dog’s skin, coat, digestive system, and immune system. It also enhances energy levels. This dog food comes in a few flavors, including beef, turkey, and whitefish.


  • Convenient
  • Several ways to serve
  • 99% real beef and organs
  • Benefits several health aspects, including skin, coat, and digestion
  • Several flavors available

7. Nulo Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Nulo raw dog food

There are a few ways to serve Nulo’s freeze-dried food to your dog. You can serve it as is, crumble it over other food as a topper, or add water to rehydrate it. The food is packed with ingredients that are designed to help your dog with allergy relief and weight management. Many dogs are drawn to the taste as well, making it a good choice for picky eaters.

80% to 83% of the food contains meat, organs, and bones, depending on which formula you choose. Nulo has beef, duck, lamb, turkey, and salmon recipes available. All the food is manufactured in the USA with a single protein source. The food can benefit your dog’s coat, digestion, and immune system.


  • Several ways to serve
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Benefits your dog’s coat, digestion, and immune system
  • Variety of flavors
  • Made in the USA

8. Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Mini Nibs

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Dog Food

This freeze-dried dog food comes in dry, lightweight pieces that are as convenient as kibble but with extra nutrients. They can be served as a full meal or mixed with other food for a flavor and nutrient boost. The pieces of this food can also make great training treats. You can choose from a variety of flavors, such as beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, salmon, and turkey.

The freeze-drying process for this food helps lock in vitamins and nutrients with minimal processing. So, the food is packed with natural, USA-sourced ingredients to make it protein-rich. The formulas only include necessary items, so they avoid artificial flavorings, by-products, and legumes. The limited ingredient list makes this food great for dogs with allergies.


  • Convenient
  • Variety of flavors
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • USA-sourced ingredients
  • Work well as training treats

9. Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Meals

Instinct freeze-dried raw meals

Finally, Instinct provides great raw meals that are convenient like kibble. These recipes contain about three times more real meat and nutrient-rich organs than dry dog food. The ingredient list also includes non-GMO fruits and vegetables. The food is never cooked and is minimally processed to provide better digestion and nutrient absorption for the dogs that eat it.

This food has balanced nutrition, including 85% meat and organs with 15% fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. It’s always made in the USA, and it avoids unnecessary items like corn, wheat, soy, legumes, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. You can choose beef, chicken, or lamb recipes, all of which are great for dogs with allergies. The food can be served as-is or you can add water to it.


  • 3 times more real meat and organs than kibble
  • Convenient
  • 85% meat and organs
  • Good for digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • A few flavors are available

Tips for Choosing the Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food for Goldendoodles

Even though all the products mentioned in this article are high-quality, not every type of food works for every dog. So, here are a few aspects to consider when choosing the best raw freeze dried dog food.


Ingredients are essential for any type of dog food. Before choosing a brand, check the ingredients to make sure they have quality animal protein and organic fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, ensure the food has the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive.

If your dog is allergic to certain ingredients or just doesn’t like certain foods, it’s also a good idea to make sure those items aren’t on the ingredient list. Dog food recipes with single protein sources and short ingredient lists are best for dogs with allergies.

Health Benefits

Your dog’s overall health can depend a lot on the food they eat. Dog food recipes may include ingredients to help with certain health aspects, such as skin, coat, heart, digestion, eyes, and immune system. Ideally, the food will benefit your dog’s health in all aspects, but if there’s something specific you need the food to focus on, check the recipe’s details. If you’re worried your dog isn’t getting a big enough health boost from their food, consider trying some supplements.

Type of Food

Freeze-dried dog food doesn’t always look the same. Some brands have small, crunchy pieces similar to kibble while others have soft, crumbly pieces. Some can be served as-is while others are most beneficial when mixed with water.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, food that looks like kibble may be your best choice. Yet, if your dog is older with sensitive teeth, a softer food type might be easier for them to chew. It all depends on the needs and preferences of you and your dog.


It’s no secret that the best freeze dried raw dog food is expensive. So, if you’re on a budget, you may have to make your final decision based on what’s most affordable. Higher prices often equal better quality, but most freeze-dried dog food recipes are considered better quality than kibble regardless of the price.

Small dog eating dinner

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy new food for your dog, here are a few commonly asked questions that can help you make a final decision.

How Should You Transition to Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Gradual transitions are always a good idea when switching your dog to a new food, especially if the two foods are drastically different from each other. Here is our recommended transitioning process:

  • Days 1 to 3: Serve 80% old food with 20% new raw food
  • Days 4 to 7: Serve 50% old food with 50% new food
  • Days 7 to 14: Serve 20% old food with 80% new food
  • Day 15: 100% new food

You can adjust this process to fit your dog’s needs. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, a longer transition may be necessary. if your dog handles food well, the transition may not need to be as long. When in doubt, ask your vet for advice.

Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food Better Than Kibble?

In most ways, freeze-dried dog food is better than kibble. It’s less processed, allowing the food to retain nutrients better and improve digestion. However, it’s more expensive and more likely to contain bacteria. So, it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer.

How Long Does Freeze-Dried Dog Food Last?

It depends on the product, so check the manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure. However, most freeze-dried dog food will last over a year unopened but only a month or two when opened.

Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food Safer Than Raw Dog Food?

Freeze-dried dog food is still a form of raw dog food, but it tends to be safer than fresh raw dog food. The freeze-drying process reduces the risk of bacteria contamination, but it doesn’t eliminate the risk. Freeze-dried food can last longer than refrigerated raw food, making it less likely for your dog to eat expired food.

Do You Have to Add Water To Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Not all freeze-dried dog food brands require you to add water. Yet, if you can add water, you should. Adding water rehydrates the food, making it more filling, flavorful, and nutritious for your dog. Adding water may also make the food easier to digest while keeping your pup hydrated.

Can You Freeze-Dry Dog Food Yourself?

If you serve your dog fresh raw food, you can freeze-dry it to help it last longer. However, that task is often too time-consuming and expensive for the average dog parent to take on.

Beagle looking for treats

Final Thoughts

The best freeze-dried dog food for Goldendoodles is the perfect balance between kibble and traditional raw food. It has all the nutritional benefits of raw dog food in a convenient kibble-like form.

So, if you’ve been thinking about switching your dog to a raw diet, the food brands mentioned in this article are a great way to get started. However, don’t forget to gradually transition your dog from their old food to their new food to avoid any digestive problems.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.


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