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11 Best Retractable Dog Leashes

Written by: Arlene D.
Arlene A. Divina, a resident of the Philippines, is a devoted fur mom to two adorable dogs: a Shih Tzu and a Beagle. With a passion for animals and storytelling, Arlene has channeled her love for dogs into her career as a content writer at iHeartDogs. Her writing captures the essence of the bond between humans and their furry companions, offering insights, tips, and heartfelt stories to a wide audience of dog enthusiasts. Read more
| Published on August 29, 2023
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While my primary area of expertise is in feline health and nutrition, I recognize the value of quality products for all pets, including man’s best friend. Retractable dog leashes offer a unique blend of freedom and control, allowing your canine companion to explore while still being under your supervision. This article will explore the best retractable dog leashes available, examining key factors like durability, handling comfort, and safety features to help you make an informed decision.

Safety Tips for Retractable Leashes

Since there are some safety concerns with retractable leashes, it’s important for pet parents using them to be extra cautious. These leashes can make it difficult to control dogs and the lead can burn skin or cause people to trip. So, while they can be a convenient choice, pet parents should follow these precautions when using them:

  • Only extend the leash as much as necessary. Creating too much slack can cause dogs to get out of control and make it easier for the lead to harm others.
  • Do not use these leashes in crowded areas since there’s a higher risk of something going wrong. Use a traditional leash when around lots of people and pets so you can better control your dog.
  • Always hold on tightly to the handle. If the leash slips out of your hand, it can be stressful for your dog since it’s so heavy.

If you regularly walk your dog in areas with lots of people and dogs, a retractable leash is not the best option for you. Instead, choose a leash that’s durable and keeps your dog close to you. Check out our best dog leashes article for other options.

Best Retractable Dog Leashes

1. TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash | 16 ft Strong Nylon Tape | One-Handed Brake, Pause, Lock (Large, White)

The TUG 360° Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash is available in sizes suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. The 16 ft nylon tape leash allows for easy and adjustable retraction, offering 360-degree movement without tangling. The leash features a quick lock and unlock feature for convenient roll-on and roll-off with the thumb and comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle for long walks. However, customers should be aware that the large leash may be larger than expected and should review the dimensions before making a purchase.


2. 26 Retractable Dog Leash, Heavy Great Leash for Dog up to 110 lbs, Anti-Slip Rubberized Handle, One-Handed Brake, Strong Nylon Tape, Tangle Free——MK-DEF

The 26ft Retractable Dog Leash by MK-DEF is a simple and practical leash designed for medium to large dogs weighing up to 110 lbs. It features an ergonomic and anti-slip rubberized handle for comfortable walks and a tangle-free 360-degree tape movement. The leash has a one-handed brake system that allows for easy control, and a strong nylon tape for durability. However, it is important to note that the leash should not be chewed by dogs, as it may easily break, and caution should be taken not to pull the rope to the end to prevent damage to the spring. Customer satisfaction is the company’s priority and they encourage communication to resolve any issues.


3. Hands Free Retractable Dog Leash with Poop Bag Holder moestar UFO Dog Leash 10ft Nylon Tape 360° Tangle Free One-Handed Brake Pause Lock Wrist Dog Leash for Up to 66lbs Medium Small Dogs

The Hands-Free Retractable Dog Leash with Poop Bag Holder by Moestar is made of durable ABS material to prevent cracking, with a thick and tough 10-foot nylon belt. The leash has a UFO loop design that allows for a hands-free experience, freeing up your hands for other activities. It also features a U-shaped expansion hole design to prevent knots in the leash and a one-touch latch button for easy operation. Additionally, it comes with a removable poop bag holder for convenient clean-up during walks.


4. Fida Retractable Dog Leash, 16 ft Dog Walking Leash for Small Dogs up to 26 lbs, 360° Tangle Free, Black

The Fida Retractable Dog Leash is a black leash designed for small dogs or cats weighing up to 26 lbs. The leash features a 360° tangle-free design, with a rustproof swivel hook and impact-resistant ABS material. It also has a reflective tape for increased visibility at night, and an ergonomic anti-slip handle for comfortable gripping during walks. Additionally, the leash has a quick lock, pause, and unlock button for easy control, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.


5. FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), 10 ft, Extra Small, Black

The FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash offers controlled freedom for your dog while still providing you with control in case of any unexpected situations. It comes in multiple sizes and colors to cater to all types of dogs and their specific needs. The leashes are made with high-quality materials and have an ergonomic design for comfortable use. Additionally, they feature a safety braking system that allows you to easily control the distance your dog can walk.


6. FLEXI® New Classic Retractable Dog Leash (Cord), Ergonomic, Durable and Tangle Free Pet Walking Leash for Dogs Up to 26 lbs, 16 ft, Small, Blue

The FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash is a durable and tangle-free leash suitable for dogs up to 26 lbs. It offers controlled freedom for your dog while also allowing you to maintain control in any situation. Available in multiple sizes and colors, you can choose the style that best suits your pet. The leash is made in Germany and is designed with an ergonomic handle for your comfort. It also features a safety braking system for quick and easy control over your dog’s movement.


7. FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), 10 ft, Extra Small, Black

The FLEXI New Classic Retractable Dog Leash offers controlled freedom to your dog while giving you the ability to keep them under control in unexpected situations. It comes in multiple sizes and colors, catering to the needs of different dogs. The leashes are made in Germany since 1973 and have a tangle-free and ergonomic design that undergoes various testing for durability and quality. Additionally, it features a one-hand braking system for added safety.


8. LIEVUIKEN Retractable Dog Leash Automatic Telescopic Tractor Dog Tape, Pet Tape 10/16 FT Durable and Convenient, with Non-Slip Handle, Suitable for Small and Medium-Sized Dogs Blue

The LIEVUIKEN Retractable Dog Leash is a convenient tool for pet owners with small to medium-sized dogs. The leash extends up to 10/16 feet and is made of durable materials, ensuring it won’t break easily. The non-toxic plastic shell, nylon rope, and metal lock make it safe and reliable for both the dog and the owner. The comfortable grip design reduces hand fatigue during long walks, and the brake button allows for easy adjustment, storage, and control of the dog’s movement. This leash is suitable for various outdoor activities like walking, training, and jogging.


9. WAUDOG Hands-Free Retractable Dog Leash for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs – Retractable Reflective Dog Leash – Pet Leash Retractable with One-Handed Brake Lock – 9.5Ft (White)

The WAUDOG Hands-Free Retractable Dog Leash is a versatile and convenient leash option for dog owners. It can be used as a regular retractable leash or worn on the wrist for hands-free mode, providing flexibility for different activities. The leash is designed with comfort in mind, featuring an ergonomic handle and a balanced center of gravity to reduce strain on the user. Additionally, the leash is durable, tangle-free, and has a reflective strip for nighttime visibility, ensuring the safety of both the owner and the dog during walks.


10. Retractable Dog Leash + Holder for Apple Airtag, 16 Feet Long Suitable for Small and Medium Dogs up to 33lbs, Pink

This retractable dog leash is designed to hold an Apple Airtag, allowing pet owners to track their dogs while walking. It comes in two sizes, with the 10ft version suitable for pets up to 22lbs and the 16ft version suitable for pets up to 33lbs. The leash features a tangle-free 360° swivel and easy-adjust retraction, making it convenient for walking, jogging, running, camping, hiking, or leisurely strolls. The leash also includes an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip and made of durable nylon for enhanced safety and longevity.


11. Mighty Paw Retractable Dog Leash 2.0 | 16’ Heavy Duty Reflective Nylon Tape Lead for Pets Up to 50 LBS. Tangle Free Design W/One Touch Quick-Lock Braking System & Anti-Slip Handle. (Green/Lite)

The Mighty Paw Retractable Dog Leash 2.0 is a heavy-duty and reflective nylon tape leash designed for pets up to 50 lbs. It features a one-touch quick-lock braking system for easy control of leash length and has a tangle-free swivel clip to prevent tangling. The leash is made with durable materials, including a stainless steel coil, and has added safety features such as a reflective safety ring for nighttime walks. The leash also has an ergonomic anti-slip handle for comfort and a bonus D-ring for holding poop bags or keys.


What Should I Consider When Buying a Retractable Leash for My Dog?

When considering a retractable leash for your dog, there are multiple factors to keep in mind:

  1. Length of the Leash: Choose a leash length that offers enough freedom for your dog while still providing you with control. Leashes often range from 10 to 26 feet, so consider your dog’s behavior and your walking environment when making a decision.
  2. Durability and Material: Look for a leash made from strong materials that can withstand the pulling force of your dog. Nylon and leather are commonly used materials, but also check the quality of the metal clasp and internal retracting mechanism.
  3. Ergonomic Design: The handle should be comfortable to hold, especially if you’ll be walking your dog for extended periods. Some leashes come with rubberized or padded handles for added comfort.
  4. Safety Features: Some retractable leashes come with added features like reflective material for night-time visibility, or a brake and lock mechanism for additional control. Make sure to choose a leash with safety features that match your walking conditions.
  5. Size and Weight of Your Dog: Make sure the leash is suitable for your dog’s weight. Using a leash that isn’t designed to handle your dog’s size may result in a broken leash, which can be dangerous for both you and your dog.
  6. Ease of Use: The leash should retract smoothly and should have a reliable locking mechanism. It should be easy to operate, ideally with one hand.
  7. Budget: While you don’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive option, avoid very cheap retractable leashes as they often compromise on material and safety features.
  8. Reviews and Recommendations: Before making a purchase, it’s always good to read customer reviews and perhaps seek recommendations from friends or your veterinarian.

By taking all these factors into account, you can make a well-informed decision that ensures the safety and happiness of your dog during walks.


What Precautions Should I Take When Using a Retractable Leash for My Dog?

Using a retractable leash can offer your dog more freedom to explore, but it also requires some additional precautions to ensure both your safety and that of your dog:

  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Always stay alert to what is going on around you. Keep an eye out for other animals, people, or potential hazards, so you can lock the leash and regain control of your dog if needed.
  2. Maintain a Short Leash in High Traffic Areas: When walking in crowded or high-traffic areas, it’s safer to keep your dog close to you. Lock the retractable leash at a shorter length to have better control over your dog’s movements.
  3. Don’t Allow Slack in the Line: Allowing too much slack can result in a tangled leash, which can cause you to trip or lose control of your dog. Always maintain a slight tension in the line for better control.
  4. Use a Brake-and-Lock Feature Wisely: Familiarize yourself with the brake-and-lock feature of the leash. Use the brake when you want to limit your dog’s range momentarily and lock the leash at a certain length when more consistent control is needed.
  5. Regularly Inspect the Leash: Before every walk, inspect the leash for signs of wear and tear, such as fraying. A damaged leash can snap and should be replaced immediately.
  6. Two Hands on the Handle: Always keep a firm grip on the leash handle. Some dogs can take off suddenly if they see another animal or person, and you’ll need both hands to maintain control.
  7. Train Your Dog: Before using a retractable leash, make sure your dog understands basic commands like “come,” “stay,” and “heel.” This will make it easier for you to control your dog’s behavior while using a longer leash.
  8. Be Cautious at Night: If you’re walking your dog at night, choose a retractable leash with reflective material or use additional visibility gear like a lighted collar or reflective vest for both you and your dog.
  9. Avoid Using Retractable Leashes with Puppies or Untrained Dogs: Retractable leashes are best suited for dogs that are already well-trained in leash walking. Using them with puppies or untrained dogs can lead to unpredictable behavior.

By taking these precautions, you can more safely enjoy the benefits of a retractable leash while mitigating many of the associated risks.


Frequently Asked Questions About Retractable Leashes for Dogs

  1. What are the Advantages of Using a Retractable Leash? Retractable leashes allow your dog more freedom to explore while still being under your control. They are also useful for training purposes and offer adjustable lengths for different situations. However, it’s essential to use them responsibly to ensure safety.
  2. Are Retractable Leashes Safe for All Dogs? Retractable leashes are generally not recommended for puppies, dogs that are not leash-trained, or dogs that have a strong tendency to pull. The leash’s longer range can allow such dogs to dart into dangerous situations, like traffic or conflicts with other dogs.
  3. How Do I Choose the Right Length for My Retractable Leash? The length depends on your walking environment and your dog’s behavior. While leashes can extend up to 26 feet, a shorter leash (around 10-16 feet) is often sufficient for most urban and suburban settings.
  4. What Material is Best for a Retractable Leash? Nylon is a common material used for retractable leashes due to its durability and strength. However, keep in mind that nylon can cause “leash burn” if it slides quickly through your hands. Some higher-end models may also offer a leather grip for added comfort.
  5. How Do I Prevent the Leash from Tangling? Always maintain a slight tension in the line to prevent slack. Slack can lead to tangles or make it difficult to retract the leash quickly in an emergency.
  6. Is it Okay to Use the Retractable Leash for Running or Jogging? It’s generally not advisable to use retractable leashes for running or jogging because the extended length can make it difficult to control your dog effectively, increasing the risk of accidents.
  7. How Do I Clean and Maintain My Retractable Leash? Regularly inspect the leash for wear and tear. Cleaning usually involves wiping down the leash and handle with a damp cloth. Some models may also have detachable parts that are dishwasher-safe.
  8. Can I Attach Accessories to My Retractable Leash? Some retractable leashes come with built-in compartments for bags or treats. However, adding too many accessories can make the leash heavy and difficult to manage.
  9. What Safety Features Should I Look For? Consider leashes with a brake-and-lock feature, reflective materials for nighttime visibility, and a strong clasp to ensure that the leash stays attached to your dog’s collar or harness.
  10. How Often Should I Replace My Retractable Leash? The frequency of replacement depends on the quality of the leash and how often you use it. At the very least, replace your retractable leash if you notice fraying, defects in the retracting mechanism, or any other signs of wear and tear.


Conclusion: Best Retractable Dog Leashes

We’ve navigated through the plethora of options in the retractable dog leash market to bring you some of the best choices out there. Like cats, dogs also need products tailored to their specific needs, and a retractable leash can offer your dog a bit more freedom while keeping safety a top priority. By investing in a quality retractable leash, you’re contributing not only to your convenience but also to your dog’s happiness and well-being. Make sure to weigh in all the factors discussed to select the leash that will best serve both you and your furry friend.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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