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Best U.S. Cities To Travel To With Your Dog This Summer

| Published on July 13, 2016

Are you and your dog itching for travel this summer but prefer city adventures to nature? Than this list created by and Whistle is the perfect one for you and your urban hound! The companies ranked each city based on the availability of pet-friendly amenities including off-leash dog parks, trusted pet sitters (in case you need a night on the town without your four-legged friend), and summer temperatures that don’t get too hot for your dog to handle.


It’s All About Dog Parks!

There are some cities that really stand out when it comes to welcoming dogs. Portland, Oregon is known for dog-friendly restaurants such as the Lucky Labrador, where your dog can dine right along with you! In addition, they are #1 when it comes to off-leash dog parks. If touring dog parks is your plan, here are the top five cities with the highest number of off-leash dog parks per capita:

  1. Portland
  2. Las Vegas
  3. San Francisco
  4. Albuquerque
  5. Seattle
Image Source: Parker Knight via Flickr

Seattle has the famous Magnuson Dog Park – a 9 acre totally fenced doggy haven with access to Lake Washington – definitely a must-see if Seattle is on your travel list! (see image below of this famed park!)

Image Source: Eli Duke via Flickr

Wanting to travel east? New York City has 136 dog parks, so you can go to the Big Apple and be rest-assured that your dog will have a great time, too.


No point in traveling somewhere where the pavement is too hot for your dog to walk on, so and Whistle looked at average temperatures in the summer when deciding what cities are good destinations with your dog. Here are their top six picks (Portland and Seattle both make the cut here too!)

Image Source:

Obviously, Las Vegas is not going to be on this list…I’ve been there in the summer and the rubber melted on my car trunk! So, be aware that if Vegas is your destination, your dog will be spending the trip indoors.

Pet Sitters Galore!

Travelling with your pet doesn’t mean you are going to spend 24/7 with her. In fact, many times your pet will need to be left behind when you eat, if nothing else. But maybe there is a museum you want to check out that doesn’t welcome pets. In that case, a pet sitter or a dog walker may be exactly what you are looking for, since most hotels don’t allow you to leave your pet alone. The following cities have plenty of sitters and dog walkers to choose from with the highest per capita numbers in the country:

  1. Seattle
  2. Denver
  3. Austin
  4. Miami
  5. Washington D.C.
Image Source: Parker Knight via Flickr

The Top 25

Didn’t like the looks of the cities mentioned above? Don’t worry, there are plenty of dog-friendly cities that made their cut – 25 to be exact. Here is their full list:

Image Source:
  1. San Francisco

  2. Portland, Oregon

  3. Seattle

  4. Oakland, California

  5. Colorado Springs

  6. Las Vegas

  7. Sacramento

  8. Chicago

  9. Denver

  10. Minneapolis

  11. San Diego

  12. Boston

  13. Salt Lake City Utah

  14. San Jose

  15. Washington D.C.

  16. Long Beach, California

  17. Austin

  18. Raleigh

  19. Los Angeles

  20. Atlanta

  21. Baltimore

  22. Nashville

  23. Miami

  24. Dallas

  25. Tampa

Are you surprised? We were surprised Carmel, California was not on here, since they are often awarded the “Most Dog Friendly City” award. Would you add or remove a city on this list? Tell us in the comments. Happy Travels!

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