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Beware! Iowa Breeder Accused of Spreading Extremely Contagious Canine Disease

Written by: Samantha H
| Published on July 16, 2019

A breeder with a history of troubling accusations recently became the subject of an investigation by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Authorities claim the Double G Kennels were the breeding ground for an extremely contagious canine disease. Even more distressing, the disease can be spread from dogs to humans.

An Unsettling History

The dismal news stories date back two years. In 2017, authorities found two emaciated dogs at the Double G Kennels, a commercial breeding facility (sometimes called a puppy mill) is located in Marion County, Iowa. Also, investigators found a potential burn risk because more than 20 dogs lived in an enclosure near easily accessible heat lamps.

We can only wonder why the facility wasn’t shut down immediately.

Then, in 2018, USDA inspectors found a dog in the kennel with excessively long nails that impacted her ability to stand normally. They also found dogs living without adequate heating. The Humane Society named Double G Kennels one of its Horrible Hundred 2018. This list includes problematic puppy mills and puppy sellers in the United States.

More Bad Behavior

So, it’s not surprising to report authorities have caught the Double G Kennels at it again. Recently, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship confirmed a case of canine brucellosis from a Double G dog. A few weeks later, the department announced more cases of the disease that can spread from dog to human.

In May, Double G sold 200 dogs. The department reported nine confirmed cases of the disease. Double G also ran the now-defunct Authorities say anyone who purchased a dog from Double G or their website should have their pup tested for the disease.

Canine brucellosis is a highly contagious infection. Sick dogs often get an infection in their reproductive system. The disease spreads through contact with bodily fluids.

In dogs, the awful symptoms include infertility, spontaneous abortions, and stillbirths. Antibiotics help control the infection. But doctors say once a pup is infected, they have the disease for life.

Even more frightening, the disease can spread from dogs to humans, but there have only been a few cases ever reported. Those who work closely with animals, like shelter or clinic employees, are at a higher risk. Iowa state health officials say symptoms for humans can include fever, headache, and joint pain and weakness.

Stories like these make our hearts ache. Breeders must take every precaution when they raise young pups. We hope that the Double G Kennels face consequences for harming dogs and spreading this disease amongst pups and possibly even humans.

So, if you did get a dog from this group, make sure you get your pup tested! Please share this story, so we can help spread the word.

Featured image c/o relaky at pixabay

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