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Bonded Senior Sisters Want To Live Out Their “Golden” Years Together

Staff members at the Atlanta Humane Society recently discovered a pair of unexpected visitors in their play yard. Sophia and Rose had clearly been dumped over the fence.

They were abandoned, but safe and unharmed. AHS had them checked out by a veterinarian and placed them in separate kennels to undergo medical treatment.

Rose is a sprightly chocolate Chihuahua of about 8-years-old. She’s an old gal, but healthy and happy as can be.

Poor Sophia, on the other hand, is heartworm positive and suffering from an eye condition common among her breed. The AHS staff estimate that the Miniature Pinscher is approximately 10-years-old and vision impaired.

At first, she cowered at the back of her cage, shaking and growling whenever anyone passed by. She was frightened, confused and traumatized.

Concerned for the sad old pooch, her new friends at AHS decided to see if a visit from Rose would raise her spirits.

Boy did it ever!

Rose marched right over to Sophia and snuggled close against her side. Slowly but surely, the Min Pin’s anxiety melted away and her sweet personality blossomed!

Rose acts as Sophia’s guide dog, sticking close by her side as they navigate the facility and play yard together.

As long as her sister-from-another-mister is nearby, Sophia is a total lovebug! Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications for AHS, told iHeartDogs:

“Now, the two are jumping on our staff’s laps and wagging their tails wherever they go! They’re such a testament to how powerful the love of a friend can be!”

You don’t have to wear pantsuits and be named Blanche or Dorothy in order to be the perfect roommate for these lovely Golden Girls! Anyone with a cozy lap big enough for two, superior cuddling skills, and lots of love will do!

Sophia is currently undergoing heartworm treatment which will continue to be covered in full by AHS as long as she is adopted locally.

If you are interested in opening your home to this bonded pair, contact AHS by email at Keep in mind, the girls do not have to be adopted by someone in Georgia, but interested parties must come to the Atlanta Humane Society to meet them and transport them home!

All Images c/o Atlanta Humane Society

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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