This Amazing Man Has Dedicated His Life To Rescuing Senior Dogs

Some people go above and beyond to help animals in need. Colorado accountant, Steve Greig definitely fits into that category. After a personal tragedy, he began taking in unwanted senior dogs, discarded livestock, and the occasional pocket pet. His current menagerie of misfits consists of ten dogs, a pig named Bikini, a rabbit named Stuart, a chicken named Betty, and a turkey named Tofu. The Loss Of A Dear Friend By all accounts an average guy, Greig grew up in … Read more

Adopted Boy Is Devoted To Helping Forgotten Senior Shelter Dogs

8-year-old Robbie Gay is well aware that his life could have turned out very differently. Before he was adopted by a loving couple, Robbie suffered severe abuse. He was twice hospitalized with brain injuries before entering the Florida foster system. “He knows what it feels like not to be loved and cared for. He’s the most hopeful, optimistic, and genuinely caring kid who has absolutely no reason to be that way,” Robbie’s adoptive mom, Maria told CBS News.  Since his … Read more

Smiling Dog’s Adorable 13th Birthday Celebration Goes Viral

Bailey D’Souza of Perth, Australia celebrated a big milestone this month. On February 5, 2020 the adorable senior pup turned thirteen years old. His family marked the occasion with cake, gifts, and of course, the Happy Birthday Song. Bailey was so excited he could hardly contain himself during the festivities! In addition to his winning smile, the sweet senior has obviously developed extraordinary restraint skills over the years. Watch as he waits patiently to enjoy his cake until his doting … Read more

Comedy Legends Including Carol Burnett And Bob Newhart Film PSA Tribute To Senior Dogs

As human beings, most of us have a natural fear of getting older. Life’s physical changes can be hard, no matter how long we’ve been expecting them. Comedy legends Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Lily Tomlin, and Carl Reiner are well into their 80s and 90s now. But as they all agree in a new PSA for The Grey Muzzle Organization, that’s really not so bad. The Grey Muzzle Organization has provided nearly $2 million in grants to 190 different senior … Read more

18-Year-Old Rescue Dog Stays Alive To Meet His New Human Baby Sister

Few people hoping to adopt a dog from a shelter are there looking for older dogs. It’s devastating how these adoptable dogs’ ages can work against them like this. Senior dogs can make for the most wonderful life experiences, no matter how old they are when they come into yours. If you’re not sure, the story of Beth and Michael Clark and the dog they rescued at 17-years-old will undoubtedly convince you. In December of 2015, the couple visited Friends … Read more

Some People Say Pappy Will Never Find A Home. Let’s Prove Them Wrong.

This week is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. Shelters are full of wonderful dogs that need forever homes. Puppies and pure breeds and smaller dogs get snapped up far more quickly than others. Age, breed, health problems, color and size can all impact a dog’s ability to find a forever home. To help, PetFinder launched Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet week in 2009.  Here at iHeartDogs we have a special place in our dog-loving hearts for the pups that are frequently … Read more

Saying Goodbye To Your Dog Will Never Be Easy But Preparing for the Loss Can Help

It’s gut wrenching to even think about your dog no longer being in your life. Constantly by your side. Loving them as much as we do only makes it that much more difficult to lose them. But there’s strength in understanding and comfort in preparation. As your dog ages or gets diagnosed with a life threatening illness, there are ways you can prepare to make the experience as positive as possible for everyone involved. Making Your House Accessible & Comfortable … Read more

US Army Servicewoman Rescues ‘Pirate’ After 7 Years in a Shelter

“Nobody ever asks to meet Pirate.” That is what an Oahu SPCA staffer told Jennifer Hoyt when she first visited the shelter’s longest running inhabitant, a senior mixed breed female called Pirate. Founded in 2009, the independently run shelter is dedicated to their “no kill” policy and for 7 years, Pirate lived there, a benefactor of that philosophy. Jennifer Hoyt was recently stationed in Hawaii as a member of the US Army and planned to spend some time volunteering at a … Read more

This Super Creative Idea Is Helping Senior Shelter Pups Find Loving Homes

  Casey Elise is a professional photographer and lifelong animal lover. She began volunteering at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter in 2014, and found that her camera skills drastically increased the adoption rates of the dogs and cats she photographed. Her latest project is designed to show the sweet, silly and utterly adorable sides of some of the senior pups currently awaiting their forever homes.   Elise happily photographs any and all animals at the West LA shelter, as … Read more

8 Items That Will Help Make Your Dog Feel More At Home

Sharing your life with your dog starts at home, usually with a bed and a bowl. Even before we bring home our pup, we make sure we have everything he needs to be happy. Leashes, treats, etc. Once you have the basics, though, what else can you do to make sure your dog feels like your house is truly his home? You don’t have to break the bank to spoil your dog and make him feel like he belongs. He … Read more

Rhode Island Rescue Helps Woman With Cancer Care For Her Four Senior Dogs

When Linda was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, her world flipped upside down. She was forced to leave her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to move in with her sister in Rhode Island. It was a big change, and her difficult treatment and new home weren’t the only issues on her mind. There were four Chihuahuas, 16-year-old Scaredy, 14-year-old Brewsy, 14-year-old Suzy, and 14-year-old Runty who were depending on her. She knew life was about to change for them … Read more

Common Health Issues Senior Dogs Face During Different Seasons And What To Do

Do you know what common health issues senior dogs face during different seasons? Senior dogs face some of the same health issues as younger dogs, but they also face a host of health issues that are less common in younger dogs. Here are some common health issues senior dogs face during different seasons and what to do about them. Common Health Issues Senior Dogs Face In The Summer While many many common health issues senior dogs face occur year-round, some … Read more

Georgia Shelter Celebrates ‘Adopt A Senior Pet Month’ With Waived Adoption Fees

adopt a senior dog

November is for football and feasting, but it’s also about senior rescue pets looking for new homes. Shelters across the country spend the month of November celebrating their aging dogs and cats while promoting Adopt a Senior Pet Month. These are the pets that have graying fur and walk a little slower than their younger counterparts, but senior dogs and cats need good homes just as much as puppies and kittens. To celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month, Gwinnett County … Read more

How To Train A Senior Dog

Your shoes are safer around a senior dog than they are a puppy, and most older dogs have long-since mastered basic obedience. But that doesn’t mean training is no longer important. Old age doesn’t stop a dog from learning new tricks, and continued training is a big part of maintaining mental and physical health. There’s also the fact that senior dogs aren’t perfect, and training can help fend off problem behaviors. Whether you’ve loved your dog since they were a pup … Read more

6 Reasons Your Senior Dog May Be Slowing Down

Depending on size and breed, dogs generally become seniors when they are 7 – 9 years old. While “slowing down” can certainly be a part of the natural aging process, it may also be a sign of something more serious. If your older dog seems excessively lethargic, see your veterinarian to rule out the following problems. 1. Pain/Arthritis Arthritis is one of the most common ailments affecting older dogs. Painful, inflamed joints cause many seniors to sit on the sidelines … Read more

5 Things People Should Give Their Senior Dogs To Make Them Happier And Healthier

Aging is difficult, whether you’re human or canine. Luckily, we live in a day and age where there are plenty of products to help our furry kids feel better as they age. At what age is a dog considered “senior,” anyway? It depends on your dog’s size and breed. On average, dogs are considered seniors at 7. Giant breed dogs are considered seniors at the age of 6. Toy breeds may not be considered senior until they reach 10 years old. … Read more

How To Prepare Your Home For A Senior Dog

Whether your dog is approaching his senior years or you’re bringing a senior dog into your home for the first time, senior dogs require more planning and preparation than other dogs to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. A senior dog is one who is considered to be in the last quarter of his life. For large and giant breeds, this could be as young as 6. For smaller dogs, that may not be until age 10-12. Either way, senior … Read more

9 Things Senior Dogs Know That Young Pups Don’t

Your aging dog might not be as endearingly silly or as sprightly as they were when they were young, but your love for them is stronger than ever. Senior dogs hold special places in our hearts, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve had them since puppyhood or you recently adopted them from a shelter. Their years on this earth have earned them a special kind of intelligence that puppies simply can’t compete with. Here are the top nine lessons your … Read more

The 5 Most Popular Anti-Aging Supplements for Dogs

As our dogs age, they undergo many of the same changes as humans. Their metabolism slows, potentially causing weight gain; the cartilage in their joints breaks down leading to osteoarthritis; their delicate immune systems become more susceptible to disease; and many experience the heartbreaking symptoms of canine dementia. While we cannot stop time, we can help slow its effects with the right combination of diet, exercise, preventive veterinary care and high-quality supplements. The following five supplements are among the most … Read more

What Is “Fospice” & Why Should You Get Involved?

Fostering an elderly or terminally ill dog is not a decision to be made lightly. It is often stressful, sometimes messy, and ultimately heart-wrenching. But it is also one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.  According to the ASPCA’s Comprehesive Animal Risk Database System, the adoption rate for senior dogs is lower than that of all other ages combined. Just 25% of senior shelter dogs find homes, and the odds are even worse for dogs with life-shortening health … Read more

Man Honors Late Dog By Rescuing A Senior Pup… Now He Has A Whole Pack!

Steve Greig, who lives in Colorado and works as a full-time accountant, knew that the only way to recover from the loss of a dear old furry friend was to give another one a loving home. Little did he know that this act of love would grow into something much bigger! A post shared by Steve (@wolfgang2242) on Feb 21, 2018 at 8:34am PST As a child, Greig’s parents taught him to love all animals.  “I grew up with a … Read more

Is Your Dog Suffering From Elbow Calluses? Here’s What You Need To Know & How You Can Help!

Having a large dog means bigger cuddles, bigger kisses, and unfortunately, a predisposition for elbow calluses. While these patches of dry, rough skin are typically harmless, some dogs experience itching, cracking, bleeding, and may even develop painful ulcers and infections. Sometimes referred to as pressure sores, elbow calluses form as a result of the dog’s body weight repeatedly pressing the limb against a hard surface like wood flooring, tile or concrete. Despite their unsightly appearance, these calluses do serve a purpose. … Read more

Bucket List Buddies Are Making Their Last Days On Earth Worth Every Second

Hearing bad news is devastating, but it always helps to have a friend by your side. Two dogs, a Golden Retriever named Buckeye and a Bulldog named Harley Bruiser, both received the worst news possible; they only had a few months to live. Cancer is quickly taking over their bodies, but their respective families are determined to make their last months at home the best they’ve ever had. They’ve put together bucket lists for the dogs, and the two buddies … Read more

6 Signs Your Dog Would Benefit From A Daily Joint Supplement

There’s no step-by-step guide on how to ensure your pup lives a long and happy life, and it’s up to you to make decisions for their well-being. You have the support of your veterinarian and other pet professionals, but every question from what training technique to use to how often to trim their toenails is ultimately up to you. It’s a lot of pressure, but deciding whether or not your dog will benefit from a daily joint supplement doesn’t have … Read more

A Guide To Creating The Ultimate Bucket List For Your Aging Senior Dog

Facing the mortality of our senior dogs is a heartbreaking reality that inspires many loving paw-rents to create bucket lists on their behalf. While embarking on a final journey with your gray-muzzled best friend is a beautiful sentiment, be careful not to confuse the experiences you want to give your dog with the experiences your dog wants to have with you. When planning the perfect doggy bucket list, it’s normal to imagine grand adventures and wish for limitless possibilities, but … Read more

How Gentle Stretches Can Help Your Senior Dog Stay More Limber

Dogs suffer from stiff joints, soreness, and general bodily pain alongside the best of us. Unlike the human members of the family, however, their struggle usually goes unnoticed. The good news is, there’s an easy way you can help your senior dog ward off pain and feel younger and healthier. Stretching is great for both people and pets. People often underestimate the benefits, but making a daily effort to gently extend and exercise your dog’s muscles will do them a … Read more

Senior Dog Constantly Scratching? Here’s How to Help

The effects of aging can wear down your senior dog, but dedicated dog owners are choosing a popular supplement to keep their pups living happy and healthy. Omega fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties paired with natural healing qualities that make them an essential part of a dog’s nutrition. Senior dogs often suffer from skin issues including hair loss and itching. The older they get, the more serious skin problems are and the more frequently they bring your dog down. Omega … Read more

20 Home Remedies For Your Dog’s Stiff & Aching Joints

What Home Remedy Can I Give My Dog for Arthritis

Has your dog started to slow down as they’ve gotten older? If it takes them a little longer to get out of bed in the morning or if they’re sluggish on walks, they may be suffering from stiff, achy, and possibly arthritic joints. Yet, is it necessary to put them on a vet-prescribed medicine? Or are there things you can do for your dog or provide in their diet to ease the joint pain? So, what home remedy can you … Read more

Top 4 Tips For Avoiding Dementia In Your Senior Dog

As dogs age, their muzzles grow grey, their bodies slow down, and some are at risk of developing dementia. Also referred to as canine senility or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), dementia is a condition that can cause stress, anxiety, confusion, and puts a dog’s safety at risk. It’s heartbreaking to watch a senior dog suffer from the effects of dementia, but it’s a painful reality everyone who loves an aging dog needs to prepare for. The exact cause of dementia … Read more

The 12 Best Toys For Senior Dogs

While senior dogs don’t need as much exercise as puppies, it is still very important that they remain active. Regular play sessions get the blood flowing to the joints, which can alleviate pain and slow the progression of arthritis. Playing also helps prevent weight gain as the metabolism slows, and keeps your senior’s brain active, helping to stave off dementia! Besides, just because your pooch is aging, doesn’t mean he can’t still enjoy a good toy! Whether your old pal … Read more