This Amazing Man Has Dedicated His Life To Rescuing Senior Dogs

Some people go above and beyond to help animals in need. Colorado accountant, Steve Greig definitely fits into that category. After a personal tragedy, he began taking in unwanted senior dogs, discarded livestock, and the occasional pocket pet.

His current menagerie of misfits consists of ten dogs, a pig named Bikini, a rabbit named Stuart, a chicken named Betty, and a turkey named Tofu.

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The Loss Of A Dear Friend

By all accounts an average guy, Greig grew up in a family of animal lovers, a passion that followed him into adulthood. As a young man he always had three or four dogs of his own, but one in particular stole his heart.

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Wolfgang was Greig’s best buddy and constant companion for more than 12 years until a heartbreaking accident ended his life.

“When he was killed by a car it was one of the single most devastating things in my life,” Greig writes in an Instagram post. “To give his death meaning I started adopting senior dogs on death row, the dogs that were getting overlooked but still had so much life yet to give. I know he lives on through each one of them.”

Photo via Instagram/Wolfgang2242

It All Begins With Eeyore

The first of these rescue pups was an elderly Chihuahua named Eeyore with severe joint problems and a heart murmur. Greig selected him by going to his local shelter and asking for their “least adoptable” dog.

While Eeyore was the first, he would certainly not be the last. Greig made it his mission to give Wolfgang’s untimely death meaning by saving multiple dogs in need.

Photo via Instagram/Wolfgang2242

Over the years, many dogs have come and gone, living out their final days in joy and love as part of Greig’s pack. Although he mourns the loss of each one, he says senior dogs are definitely worth the eventual heartbreak.

They’re just wiser animals. You kind of know what you want out of life once you become a certain age. These dogs know who they are, and it’s easy to develop a relationship with a person or pet who knows who they are.

Photo via Instagram/Wolfgang2242

Pigs, Chickens & Rabbits, Oh My!

Having grown up surrounded by a variety of pets, Greig knows that farm animals and smaller pets also need rescue. In addition to Bikini the Pig (who thinks she’s a dog), he opens his home to an ever-rotating band of ducks, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and cats. Oh, and a pond full of koi.

Photo via Instagram/Wolfgang2242

In order to care for so many pets, Greig gets up at five a.m. every day to begin preparing meals and administering medications. Many of the dogs are on special diets and have a variety of ailments that come along with their advanced age.

Photo via Instagram/Wolfgang2242

Believe it or not, Greig works full time, coming home each day at lunchtime to let the animals out and dole out treats. His weekends are typically dedicated to baths, grooming, and veterinary visits.

Photo via Instagram/Wolfgang2242

Greig documents all the details of his hectic-but-happy life on his wildly popular Instagram page @wolfgang2242. Be sure to follow him for daily doses of senior dog adorableness and piggy shenanigans!

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