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This Amazing Man Has Dedicated His Life To Rescuing Senior Dogs

Some people go above and beyond to help animals in need. Colorado accountant, Steve Greig definitely fits into that category. After a personal tragedy, he began taking in unwanted senior dogs, discarded livestock, and the occasional pocket pet. His current menagerie of misfits consists of ten dogs, a pig named Bikini, a rabbit named Stuart, a chicken named Betty, and a turkey named Tofu. The Loss Of A Dear Friend By all accounts an average guy, Greig grew up in … Read more

This Dog Show Celebrates The Glory Of Rescue Dogs

The 144th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show wrapped up this week with Standard Poodle, Siba winning the coveted Best in Show title. Now that you have seen the finest in pedigree dogs, be sure to watch the country’s greatest underdogs compete in the third annual American Rescue Dog Show! The adorable event features rescued pups from all walks of life competing in categories such as Best in Underbite, Best in Special Needs, and Best in Couch Potato. In the … Read more

Not All Rescue Dogs Make Remarkable Transformations – And That’s OK!

At iHeartDogs, we share incredible stories of dogs overcoming neglect, abuse, and homelessness to become healthy, well-adjusted family pets. While this is often the case, not all rescue dogs can be fully rehabilitated. Some live with debilitating fears and phobias, others cannot safely coexist with children or other dogs. And you know what? It’s time to accept that that’s okay. Not all dogs can live up to the perfectly trained, shiny-coated pups we see in the movies. Some have scars, … Read more

Senior Dogs Find New Hope In An Unexpected Place

The ASPCA reports that only about 25% of senior dogs get adopted from shelters. This statistic is heartbreaking. Rescue groups do all they can to find homes for shelter dogs but there is always more help needed. While volunteering at shelters, Russell Clothier noticed that senior dogs seemed to languish, and his heart told him to do something about it. Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary was born as a result. The name was inspired by Clothier’s own senior dog, a rescue … Read more

US Army Servicewoman Rescues ‘Pirate’ After 7 Years in a Shelter

“Nobody ever asks to meet Pirate.” That is what an Oahu SPCA staffer told Jennifer Hoyt when she first visited the shelter’s longest running inhabitant, a senior mixed breed female called Pirate. Founded in 2009, the independently run shelter is dedicated to their “no kill” policy and for 7 years, Pirate lived there, a benefactor of that philosophy. Jennifer Hoyt was recently stationed in Hawaii as a member of the US Army and planned to spend some time volunteering at a … Read more