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Brave Labrador Retriever Chases Off Coyote, Saving His Pup-Sister

| Published on July 12, 2022

While coyotes make look like fluffy, harmless members of the canine family, they can often be dangerous predators that threaten the safety of smaller, more vulnerable family members. Such was the case when a brave Boston Terrier faced death last week when a wild coyote jumped a six-foot-brick wall surrounding a California family home. Sadie, the bold Boston, was immediately targeted by the ferocious creature who grabbed her by the neck, shaking and pulling her across the courtyard.

“My heart was breaking when I heard her scream,” said Sadie’s owner, Freddy, “And just knowing that a wild animal like a coyote could just jump the wall so easily, and almost take our loved one away (is scary).”


Sadie’s parents, Freddy and Melissa Patriarca, listened in horror as Sadie’s blood-curdling screams filled their family home. Fearing for their baby’s life, the doting pet parents watched the attack on the home’s security cameras. And as they watched, something amazing happened.

Cody, the family’s darling Laborador Retriever, rushed out into the courtyard, barking loudly as he raced towards the wily predator. The coyote was fearful of the much larger, louder dog and released Sadie, jumping back over the wall to escape.

“Cody ran outside immediately barking,” said Sadie’s owner Freddy, “Big brother came to try to save her,” added Melissa.

After chasing the coyote away, Cody, Sadie, and another family dog, Zoey, began securing the yard’s perimeter, sniffing out any other potential dangers. Sadie suffered several bite wounds from the attack but seems to be recovering well and back to her normal self after finishing her course of antibiotics.

Facebook users are praising Cody’s bravery online after viewing the home’s security video:

“Who’s a goood boy?!” said one user.


“It was scary. It happened so quick. Cody did save the day,” said Freddy, “If Cody wasn’t around, she would be gone.”

Coyote attacks are becoming more and more frequent in southern California. In fact, many residents of Huntington Beach and surrounding neighborhoods have reported coyote sightings in heavily populated areas, such as public beaches and even elementary school yards.

“I feel unsafe,” said Melissa,” We should feel safe here, in our own home.”

County officials were able to track down the predator following this terrifying attack, and the coyote was humanely euthanized. Huntington Beach officials encourage residents to keep their pets indoors during the evening hours and monitor their children closely when playing outside.

Will Huntington Beach officials get ahold of the increasing coyote population before more lives are lost?