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Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl 2024 Commercial: They’re Back

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on February 9, 2024

The highly anticipated Super Bowl commercial, renowned for its emotional impact, is poised to make a comeback in 2024. Budweiser, known for its iconic ads, has generated excitement by offering fans a sneak peek. Budweiser provides a glimpse of their beloved Clydesdales. The video unfolds with majestic beauty as the Clydesdales, synonymous with Budweiser’s heritage, grace the screen. These magnificent horses, known for their elegance, are captured galloping gracefully through a snow-covered winter landscape. It’s a scene of enchantment and captivation.


Image/Story Source Credit: Budweiser via YouTube Video

Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercials have consistently touched the hearts of viewers. As anticipation builds for the full commercial, fans eagerly await the magic Budweiser is known for. With its history of delivering meaningful commercials, Budweiser is set to create another memorable Super Bowl moment in 2024. The brand has unveiled ‘Old School Delivery’, a narrative that unites the iconic Clydesdales with a Labrador Retriever, portraying them as the heroes of the day.

The storyline unfolds against the backdrop of a fierce snowstorm that engulfs a quaint town, leading to widespread power outages and the closure of major highways. Amidst this chaos, the local bar faces a dire situation, running low on its supply of “Bud”. In this moment of need, the Budweiser Clydesdales, accompanied by their loyal golden Labrador Retriever companion, embark on a mission to save the day.

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While the preview is succinct, it notably provides the noble animals with more prominence on screen compared to their appearance last year.


Image/Story Source Credit: Budweiser via YouTube Video


This year, Budweiser has stirred excitement by hinting that audiences may be treated to more extensive coverage of the cherished Clydesdales. In a press statement, the company proudly announced the return of the iconic horses, emphasizing that they symbolize “a timeless message of resilience, determination, and unity through a shared beer. The commercial is deeply rooted in the imagery, narratives, and cinematic charm that have solidified the brand’s reputation as one of the foremost advertisers in history.”

Moreover, Budweiser has revealed that these majestic horses will not only grace the screens but will also make a physical presence on the ground in Las Vegas.

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