Check Out This Island Where You Can Hangout And Play With Adoptable Puppies

We’ve all heard about the beautiful doggy wonderland called the Territorio de Zaguates where over 900 dogs run freely in the hillside.

Now here’s another beautiful paradise you can visit. This one is located in the island of Providenciales in Turks & Caicos, where there are beautiful beaches and puppies you can adopt!

Potcake Place is a dog rescue organization based in the Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. This organization have been rescuing and taking care of the pups around the island.

Potcake is the name given to the dogs of the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos Islands. Why did they name them Potcake? The locals feed the dogs with the caked remains found at the bottom of a cooking pot–thus the name, Potcake.

The Potcake pups who are with the Potcake Place org are all rescued who were found wandering in the island. Potcake Place is on a mission to reduce the number of homeless Potcake pups around the island. They rescue the poor homeless puppies, give them shelter, and find them foster and forever homes.

Potcake Place is made up of volunteers who aren’t paid at all. And since there is no shelter in the island, the volunteers take care of the pups in their very own homes. The volunteers sometimes even use their own money to help the dogs.

The helpers at Potcake Place socialize the pups by taking them on beach trips. And boy do they love it! For those who are interested in adopting, Potcake Place meet potential adoptive families for a play session with the pups.

Potcake Place relies on the people’s donation to have the place running. You can help them by giving one of the puppies a home, or by sending them a donation.

For more information about Potcake Place, visit their website. You can also check out more of these beautiful photos at their Facebook Page at and at


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