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Chilling Camera Footage Captures A “Ghost” Removing A Dog’s Collar

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on October 21, 2021

Ok, you’re reading this and probably thinking, a ghost took off a dog’s collar, whatever. Either you don’t believe in specters, or perhaps you feel there’s no way a ghost is going to mess around with a dog’s collar.

But watch the video. It will change your mind. And once you see the end, you’ll be just as creeped out as the 10.5 million TikTok viewers who’ve already seen this chilling camera footage.


As the video starts, the frame shows two dogs in their kennels in what looks to be their living room. Both are barking, unsettled about something we can’t see in the picture.

It could be a package just got dropped off, and the hounds are alerting. Or, maybe they’re sounding off about the apparent fun the black dog had with whatever that destroyed item strewn across the floor once was! But suddenly, the dogs fall silent, and the creep show begins.

What Do These Dogs Sense?

TikTok user shannyfantg is a diligent dog mom who keeps an eye on her dogs while away from home via cameras. With animals in the house, it’s always fun to watch what they do while we’re gone. But one scene caught on her security camera revealed a scary sight.

The dog mom posted the 45-second video to TikTok with the caption, “sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. watch my black dog. ghost takes her collar off in her crate.”


After what seems an eternity waiting to see what haunts the dogs, the black dog jumps and skitters backward to one corner of the kennel. As the scared dog hurtles back, his gray collar unclips as if by an unseen hand and falls to the ground. The stunned dog can only sniff the collar in confusion.

Creeped Out Commentary

Commenters on TikTok agreed the video is spooky to behold, and both dogs’ sudden silence is also super unsettling. And super scary!

One commenter said, “I ain’t having a camera in my house. If this happens I don’t wanna know.”


Another asked, “When ya moving out?”

Some viewers even claim to hear a whispered “watch this” right before the collar unclasps itself. Listen and see what you think. Is it a ghost?

Call them what you want, ghost, spirit, jinn, or even poltergeist, something beyond our knowing reached out and touched this dog. Then, said unexplained phenomena decided to take the terrified pup’s collar off, which makes no sense. But who are we to know what goes on in a ghost’s mind?

And it’s not just the dogs getting the hauntings, though the pups were the first to be spooked by the specter. When the family first moved into the house about a year ago, a few other haunting moments occurred. Afterward, life and whatever lies beyond it settled down for a while. But as this haunted dog mom shared, “Nothing happened for almost two years, now things are happening again.”

Check out some of shannyfantg’s other videos and watch more of their paranormal activity.

@shannyfantgsorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. watch my black dog. ghost takes her collar off in her crate. ##fyp ##ghost ##dog ##scary ##wtf♬ original sound – user3228721954538

Feature Image: shannyfantg/TikTok

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