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7 Crazy Things That Are Perfectly Normal for Dachshunds

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on May 20, 2024

Dachshunds are the comic relief of the dog world, packing boundless personality into a long, low body that seems engineered for mischief. Known affectionately as ‘wiener dogs,’ these little pups are far more than just a cute face and a quirky silhouette. Originally bred to hunt badgers, their tenacity is only matched by their penchant for getting into laughable situations. Whether they’re burrowing through your laundry basket or offering a serenade of barks at a suspicious leaf, life with a Dachshund is filled with humorous episodes. Let’s dive into the delightful quirks that define these endearingly oddball characters, making every day with a Dachshund an adventure in both patience and laughter.

1. Master Burrowers

Dachshunds take their bedding very seriously. Given any soft material, they will burrow with delight, creating cozy nests in blankets, pillows, and laundry piles. This instinct traces back to their hunting roots, where digging was essential for cornering badger prey underground. In a modern home setting, this translates to hilarious moments of your Dachshund disappearing under a blanket and the occasional surprise of jumping on what you thought was a cushioned chair, only to find it’s been claimed by your burrowing buddy. Their love for burrowing is matched only by their stubbornness to leave their newly formed den, especially when it’s time to go out in the cold.

2. Obsessive Food Detectives

With a nose that can sniff out any crumb, Dachshunds are the self-appointed scavengers of the household. Their relationship with food is intense; if there’s a meal to be had, a Dachshund will be there, employing a combination of adorable begging and stealthy snatching. Watching a Dachshund on the hunt for dropped food can be like seeing a miniature, more adorable vacuum cleaner in action. This obsession often leads them to guard food sources zealously, occasionally forgetting their manners when a particularly tempting snack is at stake.

3. The Siren Call

Don’t be fooled by their size—Dachshunds have a bark that could rival the loudest of watchdogs. They use their powerful voices to alert you of anything from an incoming visitor to a rogue squirrel daring to trespass their line of sight. Their vocal range is impressive, from deep, serious barks to high-pitched howls, and they are not shy about using it. Whether it’s 3 AM or the middle of your Zoom meeting, a Dachshund has no qualms about sounding the alarm, much to the delight (and sometimes dismay) of their human companions.

4. Shadowing Their Humans

Ever feel like you’re being followed? If you have a Dachshund, you definitely are. Known for their loyalty, Dachshunds take “sticking by your side” to new levels. They will follow you from room to room, often so closely that you might trip over them if you make a sudden stop. This trait is endearing but can also lead to the occasional bathroom traffic jam, as your Dachshund insists on accompanying you to the most private of places.

5. Lap Connoisseurs

Despite their independent streak, Dachshunds are also renowned lap dogs. They seem to believe that human laps were designed as the perfect spots for them to rest. Try to sit down with a book or a cup of coffee, and you’ll find your Dachshund making a beeline for your lap, often with a strategic wiggle to make themselves comfortable. Their determination to cuddle up can turn even the most stoic person into a lap dog enthusiast.

6. Selective Hearing

Training a Dachshund can be an exercise in creativity and patience. They are famously stubborn, often displaying an impressive level of selective hearing. Commands are interpreted more as suggestions, which they may choose to follow—if it suits their interests at that moment. This trait, while occasionally frustrating, adds to their charm, reminding you that living with a Dachshund is a negotiation, not a dictatorship.

7. Athletic Surprises

For a dog whose legs are closer to the ground than most others, Dachshunds can be surprisingly athletic. Their enthusiasm for games like fetch or agility challenges can lead to moments of unexpected athleticism, featuring sudden sprints and agile maneuvers that defy their comical proportions. Watching a Dachshund in action, whether chasing a ball or racing around the yard, is a spectacle of sheer joy and boundless energy.

Living with a Dachshund means never being short on laughter or love. Their quirky behaviors are not just sources of amusement but also expressions of their unique personalities. So next time your Dachshund decides to sing the song of their people at dawn or turn your lap into their throne, just smile and remember, this is the wonderfully wacky world of owning a Dachshund.

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