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7 Crazy Things That Are Perfectly Normal For Westies

Written by: Ejay Camposano
A college graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Ejay has a diverse background that combines technical expertise with a passion for pets and is now one of the content writers at IHD. Read more
| Published on May 27, 2024

West Highland White Terriers, affectionately known as Westies, are small dogs with big personalities. These adorable, fluffy, white terriers are known for their lively and spirited nature, making them delightful companions and entertaining pets. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of living with a Westie, you know that they come with a unique set of quirky behaviors and silly habits that can keep you laughing and sometimes scratching your head. From their determined digging to their dramatic expressions, Westies have a way of turning everyday moments into amusing adventures. Here are seven crazy things that are perfectly normal for Westies.

1. The Digging Dynamo

Westies are natural diggers, a trait inherited from their days as hunting dogs. They love to dig in the yard, garden, or even in their bedding. This digging dynamo behavior can lead to some impressive (and sometimes inconvenient) excavation projects. Whether they’re searching for imaginary treasures or just enjoying the thrill of digging, Westies can turn any patch of ground into their personal construction site. While this can be a bit frustrating for gardeners, it’s a testament to their energetic and playful nature. Providing them with a designated digging area can help satisfy their instincts while keeping your garden intact.

2. The Squirrel Sentinel

Westies have a keen hunting instinct and an unwavering focus when it comes to small critters, especially squirrels. They will spend hours on high alert, watching and waiting for a squirrel to make its appearance. Once they spot one, they will chase it with boundless enthusiasm, often barking and darting around the yard. This squirrel sentinel behavior showcases their determination and tenacity, traits that make them excellent watchdogs. Their relentless pursuit of squirrels is both amusing and a bit exasperating, but it’s all part of their spirited character.

3. The Barking Bard

Westies are known for their vocal nature. They love to bark and will do so to express excitement, alert you to something unusual, or simply join in the neighborhood chorus. Their bark is sharp and persistent, making sure they’re heard loud and clear. This barking bard behavior can be a bit noisy, but it’s also a reminder of their role as alert and vigilant companions. Understanding their different barks and what they mean is part of the fun of living with a Westie. Despite the noise, their vocalizations are a key part of their expressive personalities.

4. The Toy Hoarder

Westies are notorious for their love of toys and their tendency to hoard them. They will gather all their favorite toys and stash them in a special spot, such as their bed or a hidden corner of the house. Watching a Westie meticulously collect and arrange their toys is both amusing and endearing. Their toy-hoarding behavior showcases their playful and possessive nature. Their collections become prized possessions, and they take great pride in their little hoard. This habit is a testament to their resourcefulness and adds to their charming and quirky personality.

5. The Velcro Dog

Westies are incredibly affectionate and often act like “Velcro dogs,” sticking close to their humans at all times. They love being part of the family action and will follow you from room to room, seeking out attention and companionship. This Velcro behavior means you’ll rarely have a moment alone, as your Westie will always be by your side, ready to offer their droopy-eyed affection. While their constant presence can be a bit overwhelming at times, it’s also a testament to their loving and loyal nature. Having a Westie means having a devoted and affectionate companion who wants to be part of every moment of your life.

6. The Couch Commander

Despite their small size, Westies often believe they are in charge of the household. They will claim the comfiest spot on the couch and expect you to accommodate their royal demands. This couch commander behavior is both amusing and a bit cheeky, as they often look at you with an air of entitlement. Watching a Westie settle into their chosen spot, with their paws stretched out and a satisfied look on their face, is a reminder of their confident and assertive nature. Their ability to command attention and respect, even from their cozy spot on the couch, adds to their endearing charm.

7. The Dramatic Sighs

Westies are masters of the dramatic sigh. They will let out long, exaggerated sighs to express boredom, frustration, or simply to get your attention. These signs are often accompanied by big, soulful eyes that make them look like they’re carrying the weight of the world on their tiny shoulders. It’s a melodramatic performance that’s hard to take seriously but impossible to ignore. Their dramatic sighs are a humorous reminder of their sensitive and expressive nature. It’s as if they’re trying to communicate the depths of their feelings in the most melodramatic way possible. Their dramatic sighs add to their charm and make living with a Westie an entertaining experience.

Westies are full of personality and quirks that make them truly special. Their digging dynamo antics, toy-hoarding tendencies, and dramatic sighs bring endless joy to those lucky enough to share their lives with these spirited dogs. While their behaviors might seem crazy to some, Westie owners know that these traits are just part of what makes them such wonderful companions. Each quirk is a reminder of their loving, playful nature, making every moment with a Westie a delightful adventure.

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