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This Puppy Was ‘No Good’ To His People Because Of His Malformed Leg

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on May 22, 2024

Every puppy has abundant love to offer, seeking only an opportunity to express it. This unfortunate dog was born with a malformed leg, leading his owners to heartlessly abandon him on the streets. Yet, his plight took a turn for the better when his cries caught the attention of a compassionate individual. A woman alerted a rescue group about the needy puppy, and they responded promptly. Upon finding him, they conducted a quick examination. He had several burns on his paws and was slightly dehydrated. One of his legs was mostly numb, and his other legs were not in great shape either.


However, there were hopeful signs of potential recovery. Aside from this, he had no severe health issues, but vigilant care was crucial as he was still a newborn. The rescuers took him to an animal hospital in Georgia for a thorough assessment to determine the best treatment for his legs. The veterinarian collaborated with specialists to devise a suitable therapy plan.

Within a few days, the treatment began showing positive results. The puppy, now named Creek, was gaining more mobility in his front legs, thanks to the dedication of his rescuer. While his recovery journey was far from over, they made plans for further evaluations to improve the condition of his leg.


A new splint was introduced in an attempt to better align his limb, though success was not guaranteed, it was deemed worth trying. Creek’s demeanor improved significantly; he was much happier and evolving quickly. The therapy greatly enhanced his condition, and it was heartening to see such a noticeable improvement.

Creek’s rescuer and the veterinarians decided to use wraps to help train his hips and lower body to align properly. Soon, Creek found a new playmate in another dog named Bosley, and his joy was evident as his tail wagged endlessly when they played together. After more than a month of medical care, a compassionate woman from Georgia, moved by Creek’s story, chose to adopt him. She continued his therapy and kept his rescuers updated on his progress. Although he still wobbled a bit, the improvement was remarkable.


Now, Creek is much more mobile and determined to live the life he deserves with his new family. It is truly inspiring to witness how this young puppy transcended his circumstances through his resilience and the support of remarkable individuals.

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