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Afternoon Nap Leads To 3 Day Hospital Stay After Dog Defecates In Grandma’s Mouth

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
Stephanie Maguire is a writer for She loves animals so much that she started her own pet-sitting business in 2017, and goes out of her way to point-out and pet every single dog she sees.Read more
| Published on October 3, 2022

For many pet parents, there’s nothing more relaxing than lying down for a much-needed nap with our snuggly pups. But when Amanda’s furry bedmate developed a severe case of doggy diarrhea while she was in dreamland, the afternoon was anything but enjoyable. 

In fact, most of the following fiasco could have been avoided if only she had been sleeping with her mouth closed. 

Grandma with chi

Nap Gone Wrong

Amanda had laid down for her usual afternoon nap with her grand-dog Belle when the unthinkable occurred. While she was snoozing, the tiny chihuahua experienced an epic case of doggie diarrhea. 

“I was having my afternoon nap with Belle like I always do when I suddenly felt something squirt in my mouth. It was disgusting, and I was hurling violently for hours after, I just couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth,” said Amanda.

Some of Belle’s poop made its way into Amanda’s mouth. How? Because she happened to be sleeping with her mouth open. While it would have been gross enough waking up to a super smelly mess, winding up with some in her mouth took it to a whole different level.

Not only did she still have to clean up Belle and the bedroom, but she had to face the fact that she had accidentally ingested some of the sick pup’s poop.

A Visit To The Vet

After she was finally able to compose herself, Amanda scooped up the sick dog and whisked her off to see her vet. There, sweet Belle was diagnosed with a stomach bug and sent home with a standard set of antibiotics. 

But not long after they returned, Amanda started to experience some tummy trouble herself. She had been directly exposed and needed to get herself checked out.

A Trip To The Hospital

Due to the severity of her symptoms, Amanda soon found herself in rough shape. Belle passed her gastrointestinal infection on to Amanda via her poop, and as a result,  she needed to stay in the hospital for three days. 

In a hospital bed

“They sent an ambulance, and I was so dehydrated from being sick and having diarrhea that my kidneys had shriveled to half their size,” explained Amanda. 

Amanda was given IV fluids with electrolytes and glucose to rehydrate her.

When she was finally released from the hospital, it was a first for doctors to document that her infection had been caused by “a dog defecating in her mouth.”

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