Dog Discovered In Dumpster Seconds Before She Was Crushed

If you ask Jermaine Jackson about his life, he will tell you that he loves his job and that he doesn’t plan on working anywhere else. He has been working for Waste Management for 26 years. But while driving his regular route on a recent rainy Friday, he made a discovery in a dumpster that really shook him up.

It was early in the morning when Jermaine made a stop to empty a commercial dumpster. As he was mere seconds away from tipping the contents into his truck, Jermaine saw a dog “pop out” of the garbage.

Dog in Dumpster
Image Credit: Screenshot / Youtube

“It’s kind of sad because she’s sitting there with a sad face like, Get me out of here. If I didn’t see her, she’d be in the back of the truck right now or she could have gotten crushed. She just smiled when I lifted her up like, Thank you for getting me out of here,” expressed Jermaine.

So he immediately put the dumpster back down and began his heroic rescue mission. As he approached the dumpster, he called her, hoping to sense whether or not she was friendly. Her tail immediately started wagging, and she even came to him. So he scooped her up and carried her out of the dumpster. 

Image Credit: Screenshot / Youtube

Since it was raining, Jermaine made her a makeshift shelter to help keep her dry. Then, he urgently called animal control. But, it was too early. They weren’t open yet. A little while later, the loveable pup decided to take a short walk. She wound up on Frances Verschuure’s porch a few blocks away.

“We got some blankets. We got some food. We got some water, and called animal control. So in the meantime, we just sat out here with her. She was as sweet as she could be,” said Frances.

Dog on Porch
Image Credit: Screenshot / Youtube

Animal control came to pick up the pup, and Jermaine expressed his concerns that the dog wasn’t able to climb into the dumpster on her own. He has two dogs of his own, and he couldn’t imagine anyone treating a dog like this.

“I think somebody threw her in there because where the dock is at, she’s too short to jump on that dock.” said Jermaine.

After animal control performed an assessment, they shared the news that she was full of milk. So she would have recently given birth to a litter of puppies. 

“We were glad to get her to another home. Animal control was just as gentle and kind as they could be, and I hope she finds a good home,” said Frances.

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Featured Image: Screenshot / Youtube

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