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Dog Dropped Off at Shelter for Being a “Troublemaker” Shocks Staff

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on May 15, 2024

Dogs sometimes misbehave, but it’s never out of malice. Their mischievous antics can be frustrating, but that’s no reason to give them up. There are better ways to handle a dog’s bad behavior than taking them to a shelter. This is the story of Penny, a sweet puppy who was left by her owners due to her playful mischief but eventually found a new, loving home. Abandoned for being a bit too spirited, Penny’s future seemed uncertain. However, a compassionate family saw beyond her antics, recognizing her potential for love and companionship. With patience and understanding, they gave Penny the second chance she deserved, transforming her life and theirs.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Animal rescuer Rocky Kanaka was surprised when he saw Penny at the shelter in California. He found out her owners didn’t want her back because they thought she was a troublemaker. Despite this, Penny was actually very friendly and loved being around people. She didn’t have to wait long at the shelter because new owners soon came to adopt her.

Rocky was a little worried that no one would come to get her at first, but he tried to stay hopeful. While waiting, he took Penny for a Puppuccino at Starbucks. The employees there loved dogs and fussed over Penny, who enjoyed the attention more than her treat.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Finally, the time came for Penny to meet her new family. Rocky was there when Miguel and Amanda arrived, excited to take Penny home. Their meeting was very touching, showing that Penny had found her forever home.

To celebrate, they went to a pet store. Rocky played a game where he would buy anything Penny touched. She ended up choosing quite a bit, and Rocky spent $391, which he thought was okay.

At the end of the day, Rocky said goodbye to Penny, happy that she was with people who really cared for her. This story shows that even dogs labeled as troublemakers can be wonderful pets with the right care and love.

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