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Dog Gets Adopted Right Before Her 1 Year Anniversary At The Shelter

Yesterday was a very special day for the staff at Boston’s MSPCA Adoption Center. Thanks to their efforts, a pooch named Brandy found her forever home just four days before her one year anniversary at the shelter.

Brandy’s friends at the MSPCA took to social media and reached out to their local CBS station last week, spreading the word about the pup who had been overlooked for 355 long days.

The wonderful news came yesterday afternoon via Facebook and Instagram. A lovely young couple officially adopted 4-year-old Brandy, welcoming her into their home on day 361!

Comments and reactions poured in from Brandy’s supporters. Most congratulated the pup and pointed out her big, Pibble grin. One Facebooker – the adoptive pawrent of Brandy’s former sheltermate – remarked, “I’m crying in line for my burrito reading this news!”

Her new pals at CBS even broadcast Brandy’s big announcement on the 6:00 news!

It likely took longer for Brandy to get adopted because she has to be the only pet in a home without children. She also takes medication for spay incontinence.

Despite her setbacks, the kind folks at the MSPCA Boston Adoption Center never gave up on her. During her time at the shelter, Brandy received training classes and special one-on-one attention from the staff.

Thanks to their devotion, Brandy will spend the holidays in a loving home instead of a cold kennel.


H/T to CBS Boston

Featured Images via Facebook/MSPCA Boston Adoption Center

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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