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Dog Missing for Months Returns Home Christmas Morning

| Published on January 7, 2020

In early October, Daisy wandered off from her home on the west side of Indianapolis. Her family was frantic and employed every tactic at their disposal to find her, but Daisy remained missing. Heartbroken and relying on the power of prayer, her family faced the likelihood that they would never see Daisy again. But on Christmas morning, they experienced a “Christmas miracle” when their prayers were answered and Daisy came home.

Image Hendricks County Animal Shelter/Facebook

Found on Christmas Eve on the Side of the Road

Ashleigh Chaney was out and about on Christmas Eve and encountered a dog on the side of the road that she assumed had been dumped there. She picked up the friendly and grateful pup and upon arriving home, posted to a local pet finder’s group on Facebook.

“Found this dog in Clermont left on the side of the road, very skinny and very matted, sweet but clearly neglected Or been lost awhile. But came up to me wanting love. Brought it in and gave it a bath, she is very very sweet and good around other dogs and kids. I have an apartment and can’t keep her but I’m not sure what to do with her. Collar is way to big and has no tag.”

Image Hendricks County Animal Shelter/Facebook

Local Dog Lover Stepped in to Foster the Dog

A local resident of Brownsburg, Linda Sanders, saw the post and stepped in to help. She offered to take the dog home with her and have it scanned for a microchip in order to see if the dog was lost and could be reunited with her family. If she could not locate the family, she would make room in her home for the lovely little pup. She told the Facebook group

“…I’m going to get her scanned for chip ASAP, until I can she will be warm, loved, fed and shown some love. She has very few teeth so we have given her some boiled chicken, fresh water and a doggie bed to rest. I hope if she is a lost fur baby I can find the owners but if not she will be a new member of our home and family. I need to get her groomed in a hurry because of all the matting and poor skin condition…”


Image Hendricks County Animal Shelter/Facebook

A Christmas Miracle

Daisy’s family found out that their long lost loving companion had been found. They called Linda to let her know that Daisy was theirs and made arrangements to be reunited on Christmas morning, nonetheless! Linda updated the Facebook group saying,

“A Christmas miracle has happened! This fur baby has been missing from her family since 10/5/19. I was contacted by her owner. Daisy Will be together with her family for Christmas!”

We may never know where Daisy had been or what struggles she endured during the near 3 months she was missing. Based on her found condition, she may very well have been living on the streets all that time. Thank goodness for small miracles and the loving care of those that open their homes and hearts to dogs in need!

Featured Image Hendricks County Animal Shelter/Facebook

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