Dog Owners: Be On The Lookout For Tennis Ball Bombs This 4th Of July


If I’m walking my dog or letting her run in the dog park, it’s not unusual for us to see a stray tennis ball and play an impromptu game of fetch.

But as the 4th of July nears, news stations like KIRO 7 are warning pup parents of an explosive threat: tennis ball bombs. Though illegal, these homemade devices are set off like firecrackers. And if one goes astray, undetonated devices can pose serious threats to fetch-loving dogs.

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Luckily, they’re easy to spot as long as dog owners are diligent. “A tennis ball bomb is very easy to identify,” said a police spokesman in the KIRO 7 story. “It is a real tennis ball that has some sort of fuse sticking out of it. The tennis ball could also be completely wrapped in duct tape with a fuse sticking out.”

Unfortunately, accidents have happened to unwilling dogs and their owners. According to the article, a set of the explosives was found by a geocacher this year in Everett, Washington. And in 2000, a fatal accident occurred when a dog fetched a bomb ball that exploded in Portland, Oregon.

Watch this clip by KOMO News:

If you see a stray tennis ball while you’re out with your dog, carefully look at it from a distance or avoid it all together. We wish a fun and safe 4th of July to you and your dog!

Written by Karen Tietjen

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