Dog Walker’s Unexpected Arrest Raises Questions About Missing Pooch

Sarah’s heart sank when she received a heartbreaking text from her dog walker, saying Ella, the Bernese Mountain Dog, had escaped. But then, the dog walker was arrested two hours later for an unrelated reason. Dogs get lost all the time without there being anyone to blame. Yet, after the arrest, Sarah believes Ella’s escape could’ve been prevented.

Now, Sarah is on the lookout for her missing dog, and she’s not the only one feeling emotional. Many other dog lovers have stepped up to help her search. Many people are furious at the dog walking company, which might have lost more than one dog that day.

Bernese Mountain Dog Missing

Arrest Raises Questions

A dog walker from Wholistic Pet Services in Connecticut took Ella to Wepawaug Trails while she was under the facility’s care. Somehow, the 9-month-old dog got lost while at the park, so the dog walker told Sarah via text. But something wasn’t adding up. Sarah got in the car and drove to the park immediately to search for her furry friend.

“I’m doing pretty horrible,” said Sarah. “I think that if I sat and thought about it, I’d just start crying all the time, and I’m trying to not do that.”

Missing Bernese Mountain Dog Poster

Only hours after the dog walker told Sarah about Ella disappearing, they were involved in a car crash. The dog walker got arrested for DUI charges. Three dogs were in the car during the accident, but they’re all doing fine and have returned home. The arrest left people wondering if there’s more to the story that the dog walker didn’t reveal.

Bring Ella Home!

According to social media posts, five other dogs under Wholistic Pet Services’ care were unaccounted for that day. Yet, news sources say that all dogs have returned home now except for Ella, who has been missing for over a day.

Happy Bernese Mountain Dog

Ella has an Instagram account with several thousand followers, so Sarah has been spreading lost dog alerts that way. Many fellow dog lovers have also shared the pup’s information on Facebook. Sarah put up signs and placed items that smell like home at the park, hoping to attract Ella.

“If you live in the area and can scan the surrounding roads and highway, I will forever thank you. We are devastated. Please share this horrible story in the hopes we can find our Ella love,” Sarah wrote on Instagram.

Bernese Mountain Dog in Snow

Wholistic Pet Services hasn’t said anything about the incident. Their Facebook account is no longer active, but they have received many negative Google reviews after losing Ella. Hopefully, they’ll own up to their mistakes soon so they can give Sarah the answers she’s looking for. Any information could help bring the beloved dog home.

Featured Image: Instagram

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