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Dogs And Livestock Rescued From Cruel Middleboro Breeder

Back in 2012, Michael Perette was granted his kennel license. He told the town of Middleboro, Massachusetts that he would use this license to help revive the Cane Corso dog breed. At the time, his neighbors were concerned that this business would affect the rural area and add too much traffic and noise. Their worries were within reason, and sadly, the facility ended up being much worse than anyone had even imagined.

This breeding kennel is called Peretti Cane Corso, and until recently, it has passed all its inspections. However, due to some recent anonymous tips about the location, officials decided to further investigate. 

Image: Screenshot, Boston Herald YouTube

The Investigation

First, they visited Perette’s facility in June. They discovered that the location was both unsanitary and unsafe for the animals that were living there, so they gave Perette a list of items that needed to be fixed before the next inspection. However, when they returned in September, the conditions of the place seemed to be much worse instead of better.

When officials opened the door to the kennel the second time around, they were faced with a strong smell of ammonia. They said that everyone had to keep stepping outside just to stop their eyes from burning up. 

Image: Screenshot, Boston Herald YouTube

“Authorities say those animals were near a chemical that lowered their oxygen levels,” said Liam Martin from CBS Boston.

21 dogs along with a peacock, donkey, two ducks, and a chicken were rescued from the facility. The dogs were all young adult Cane Corso and Dogo Argentino breeds. The warrant operation to rescue these animals took about 12 hours total.

Image: Screenshot, Boston Herald YouTube

What Happens Next?

Sadly, there are still about 20 dogs left at the facility, but they could not be removed because the area they were in was in good condition. It is still an ongoing investigation as officials look further into the situation.

All the animals that were saved are now receiving proper veterinary care. It might take them a while to recover from the horrible conditions, but at least they are in good hands now. They will be up for adoption once they have recovered. 

Image: Screenshot, Boston Herald YouTube

Unfortunately, Peretti Cane Corso remains in operation at the moment. However, they have taken down their Facebook recently due to all the negative attention. Officer Paul Parlon stated that he is optimistic that the remaining dogs will be able to come to safety soon.

No animal deserves to be kept in a situation like this one, but sadly, there are many people out there that treat animals in this way. If you ever suspect that a breeder is not properly caring for their dogs, please contact the authorities. Dogs deserve so much love, so the sooner they can get out of these horrible facilities, the better.

Image: Screenshot, Boston Herald YouTube

Featured Image: Screenshot, Boston Herald YouTube


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Written by Molly Weinfurter
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