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Dogs Love This Bizarre Ball. But It’s What Happens After You Buy It That Has People Talking.

Written by: Justin Palmer
Justin Palmer is a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist and co-founder of Inspired by his rescued husky, Splash, he dedicated himself to learning about extending both the length and quality of her life. Splash lived and thrived until 18 years old, and now Justin is on a mission to share what he learned with other dog owners.Read more
| Published on December 28, 2016



4 Reasons Dogs Are Going Crazy for the New “Wunderball”

1. The Irregular Surface Creates Erratic Bouncing Action

Dogs love a good pursuit! The irregular surface of the Wunderball creates a fun back and forth bouncing motion that keeps dogs on their toes, or should we say “paws!”

Take a look in this video to see it in action:

A video posted by (@iheartdogscom) on

2. They Last WAY Longer Than Tennis Balls!

There’s nothing like a classic tennis ball. But let’s be honest, if your dog is a strong chewer you can go through 10 of them a week! The Wunderball is made from 100% natural rubber, and gives your dog a much tougher target to destroy! (As with all toys though, always closely monitor your dog and do not leave them unsupervised, especially with new toys)

3. They come in a size that’s just right

Tennis balls are great, if you have a medium size dog. For small or large pups, the size is either to big to fit in their mouth or too small and is a choking hazard. The Wunderball comes in 3 just right sizes, Sm, Md, or Lg!

4. They help shelter dogs get adopted!

This is the reason that has everyone talking! For every ball you purchase, iHeartDogs will donate the same ball to a shelter dog in need! Why? Because shelter and rescue dogs seen playing with toys are adopted at a much higher rate.

Check out the video below to learn more about this program called Project Play.

Or you can order your own Wunderball here. (TIP: If you don’t see the words “out of stock” in red here, act fast! We have had a hard time keeping these in stock since we first released!)

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