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Don’t Blame The Dog: 7 Breeds That Get A Bad Rap

Written by: Renee Moen
| Published on April 24, 2015

No breed is perfect, they all have their upside and their downside. The seven breeds listed below are continuously on the “Dangerous breed” list and may be banned by insurance companies, landlords, home owners associations and municipalities around the world.

Sad thing is, there is no such thing as a “Bad Breed”! There are poorly trained, under socialized dogs that deserve better treatment and ignorant owners that don’t know any better.


American Pit Bull

It would be beneficial to add both Staffordshire and American Staffordshire Terriers. They often get mistaken for being “pit like”. It is truly unfortunate that this breed is so heavily discriminated against because of the few that view this dog as “mean and tough”. These dogs are loyal, love their owners and will do anything to please them.


Doberman Pinscher

This sleek, black and tan dog appears dignified, aloof and possibly a bit menacing. Appearances can be deceiving. Originally bred as guard dogs in the late 1800’s, today’s Dobies are a bit more accepting of strangers than their ancestors. On the whole, Doberman Pinschers are wonderful companions that thrive on being with their people and strive to be accommodating.



Most people that aren’t familiar with different dog breeds wouldn’t want to meet a strange Rottie in a dark alley. Originally bred for cattle herding, their strength became necessary to keep the steers in line. Later the Rottweiler was used to hunt bears. Today, the Rottweiler, is a popular choice for families that appreciate a rough exterior and a soft, sweet heart.


Chow Chow

These fluffy dogs aren’t your typical cuddle buddies. They were originally bred in China to be guard dogs. While much of their wariness of strangers still exist, the Chow are loyal to their family and loves being with them. One kiss from their blue/black tongue and that person has a friend for life.


German Shepherd

This farm dog has an expanded portfolio to include police dog, rescue canine, service animal and loyal family pet. The German Shepherd is quick, agile, intelligent and loving. As puppies, the German Shepherd begins life as a cute cuddly fur ball and remain so for a couple of months. They grow very quickly and retain their playful exuberance long after they grow into their adult bodies.


Dogue De Bordeaux

This breed of sketchy origin is labeled as affectionate and attached to his family. While his looks may indicate a bad attitude, wait a moment for him to turn on the charm. The French Mastiff has an incredible smile that lights up a room. The slobber may be a bit of a deterrent, but the obvious joy of being near his people more than makes up for it.



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