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Family Is Devastated After Groomer Accidentally Gives Their Dog To Wrong Owner

Written by: Amber King
| Published on February 20, 2018

A routine trip to the groomers turned into heartbreak for a family in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Veronica Grine took her two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Bailey, to Ace of Hearts for a regular haircut. Bailey had been to the well-established business at least three times in the past, and Grine told local news she’s never had problems with them before. With each past visit, Bailey came home clean and well-groomed. This past trip, however, was different.

Grine dropped Bailey off early in the day like usual. Ace of Hearts typically takes a few hours to pamper their four-legged clients, and they call the owners when their dogs are ready to be picked up. Grine was waiting for that phone call, but it never came.


The hours passed, and Grine started to worry something had happened to Bailey. When it was almost time for the business to close, she finally called them herself. When she asked if Bailey was ready to be picked up, she was informed the dog was no longer there.

According to KOB4, a woman who looked like Bailey’s owner came into the shop and asked if Bailey was ready to go. She struck up a conversation with an employee, paid the bill, and then left with the little dog in tow. When Grine heard someone had taken her dog, she rushed to the shop to talk to employees in person.

No one ever checked the mystery woman’s ID or asked for a phone number, and there was distressingly little information to go on. Grine and the rest of her family are devastated. They filed a police report, but according to news sources, there are no current leads.

Ace of Hearts offered an apology and is working with police to help reunite Bailey with the right family. Along with grooming, the business also breeds Yorkies. They offered the Grine family one of their dogs to help fill the four-legged hole left in their lives. Grine said,

“…nobody could replace our dog.”

It’s been a few days since Grine last dropped Bailey off at the groomer, and she’s begging anyone with information to come forward. She says she won’t ask questions, all she wants is to have her dog back safe in her arms.

Feature image screenshot via KXAN

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