Texas Fire Dog Unlocks Door And Saves Stranded First Responder

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
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| Published on November 16, 2022

It was one first responder’s unlucky day when he accidentally locked himself outside of the Public Safety building at night. But lucky for him, fire dog Koda was on the lookout and was there at the exact right moment to save the day.

Surveillance cameras captured how the super-smart Golden Retriever was able to jump up, unlock the door, and let a stranded firefighter inside.  


This awesome video clip is absolutely smile-worthy. (Especially when she’s excitedly wagging her tail at the end.) But we’re not all that surprised that this good girl rose to the task at hand. Not only is Koda well-known in her local community as a total sweetheart, but she has a reputation for being awesome at both her job as fire pup and as a therapy dog.


When the video begins, Koda is standing near the door, seemingly looking outside through the window. Movement can be seen through the glass windows on the door, as the first responder approaches the entrance. Then, this good girl used her top-notch training to help out a fellow firefighter. She jumps right up, places her paws on the door handle, and pushes it open for him. 

The video certainly makes me wonder whether or not she’s had to do something like this for the firefighters in the past, or if her training had her totally prepared for this task. Koda’s tail starts wagging like crazy as the firefighter is finally able to enter the building, and then he reaches down to give her tons of love. This good girl has certainly earned herself an extra treat or two. 

Not only can Koda open doors for stranded first responders, but she also loves to visit different places all around her local community to help teach fire safety. She loves to visit schools, hospitals, and even camps. Plus, this five-year-old firefighter is often spotted spreading smiles at community events, while helping educate and show off all the gear firefighters use on the job. 


First responders are ordinarily the ones doing the saving, but every so often, even they can use a helping hand, (or in this case, a proficient paw). You can check out the full-length surveillance footage below.

Can’t get enough of this super cute canine? You can keep up with Koda on her very own Instagram page where pictures are posted of the fire pup on her many exciting adventures. Or you can follow the Georgetown Fire Department on their Facebook page

Featured Image: Facebook 

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