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Former Bait Dog Becomes The Newest Disney Princess

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on May 31, 2020

If you saw Abigail the Pit Bull today, you’d never know she had a rough past. She’s as happy as can be, and she’s also very popular on social media. However, her life started out as a nightmare.

Abigail was rescued from a suspected dogfighting ring in Florida. She had infected wounds covering her face, head, and neck. Additionally, her ear was missing. After long, extensive medical procedures, Abigail was saved and ready to live her best life. Today, her journey is being featured on a popular Disney+ show!

Image: @BonnetsForAbigail/Facebook

Abigail’s Journey

Back in 2016, Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue saved Abigail from a crowded Miami shelter. She would’ve been euthanized if they hadn’t come to the rescue. The vets who helped her heal said it was the worst situation they’d ever seen. It wasn’t easy, but they were able to save the sweet dog’s life.

During her recovery, she had to wear a bandage around her missing ear. Although it actually looked more like a headband. So, her foster mom decided to buy some real headbands for Abigail to hide her scar. Over time, those headbands quickly multiplied. Soon, she had a wide variety of plain headbands, bows, and flowers.

Image: @BonnetsForAbigail/Facebook

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From there, Abigail became social media famous. Her foster mom created a Facebook account to share Abigail’s journey. She posted cute pictures of the rescue pup wearing all the different headbands. Everyone fell in love with her right away. So, when Abigail went up for adoption, over 100 people applied to be her new family.

Finally, Abigail got the forever home she deserved. She was adopted by Megan and Jason Steinke, who already had another rescue dog named Tala. Abigail adjusted to her new home right away. Of course, her new family agreed to keep her adorable Facebook page up and running too.

Image: @BonnetsForAbigail/Facebook

A Real-Life Princess

Recently, Disney reached out to Abigail’s parents through her Facebook page. At first, they were in shock. They couldn’t believe that the real Disney actually wanted to hear about their rescue dog. The company explained that they wanted to feature Abigail in their new Disney+ show called It’s a Dog’s Life.

Image: @BonnetsForAbigail/Facebook

“She’s going to be the newest Disney Princess,” said Megan Steinke. “It’s just been so inspiring to see the impact a dog can make on people, and really advocate for the breed of Pit Bull, and help rescue dogs. Rescue dogs aren’t broken. They have so much love to give, and Abigail is an example of that.”

Every episode of It’s a Dog’s Life is 30 minutes long. It tells the story of two working dogs and one ‘hometown hero’ dog. In the May 29th episode, Abigail will be the hometown hero dog.

Image: @BonnetsForAbigail/Facebook

Abigail’s parents are so proud of her. They can’t believe that their special dog is about to be a star. They hope that Abigail’s story will not only inspire others but also spread awareness about Pit Bulls and dogfighting. Dogs like Abigail deserve better, so it’s important for the world to hear her story.

Tune in to Disney+ to see Abigail’s moment in the spotlight. Also, to check out her story and her new headbands, visit her Facebook page, Bonnets for Abigail.

Image: @BonnetsForAbigail/Facebook

Featured Image: @BonnetsForAbigail/Facebook

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