From Homeless Pup To Professional Police Dog!

Maggie has a special journey that sets her apart from her other canine colleagues. While many police dogs are born and raised to work in the force, Maggie’s road to becoming a working pup is extremely unique.

Maggie is a lovable Pitbull and Malinois mix that has struggled to find her forever family. Originally beginning her life as a stray pup, her future was always a bit uncertain. Though she soon found herself within the walls of a shelter, her journey to finding her place in the world had just begun.

homeless to hero

Maggie was adopted quickly after her shelter arrival, but would soon receive her first let down at the hands of a potential fur family. Maggie was dropped off at a paid kennel after her adoption for a brief stay, only to discover that her owner had never planned on coming back for her. Unable to cover her kennel costs, Maggie was sent back to the shelter.

With such a rocky history under her belt, Maggie tugged at the hearts of another potential fur family. Maggie walked out of the shelter yet again with high hopes, only to be returned shortly after due to her abundance of energy.

homeless to hero

Just when it seemed like Maggie would never get her chance at a beautiful life, she finally received her big break. Seeing the potential in a Pitbull and Malinois mix, the Southern Tier Canine Association stepped in.

“High drive, a lot of energy, very sweet, she’s a good combination.” – Andrew Pike

From the moment Maggie joined the Southern Tier Canine Association, it was clear that she was always meant to succeed. Her training led her to pass her narcotics and tracking tests with flying colors, resulting in receiving her official placement with the Owego Police Department.

homeless to hero

Though Maggie was already loving her new life as an official police pup, she had no idea that she was about to meet the BFF of a lifetime as well. When Officer Andrew Pike became her official handler, her broken heart could finally heal.

“You’ve got a partner that’s with you 24/7, man’s best friend, who wouldn’t want that?” – Andrew Pike

Maggie and Officer Pike spend their days training at the office, learning how to protect and serve together, and setting the foundation of a beautiful friendship. Maggie is not only Officer Pike’s coworker, but a new member of the Pike family as well.

“She’s almost connected at my hip. I went out to the garage the other day from the house, and my family said she was standing at the glass door the whole time watching, waiting, waiting for me to come back.” – Andrew Pike

homeless to hero

In finding a position at the Owego Police Department, Maggie has finally discovered her life’s purpose. We can’t wait to watch Maggie bloom in her police K9 career, and keep up with all her adventures to come! If you’d like to keep up with Maggie and Officer Pike, you can follow their official FB page here.

Image Source: K9.Mag/FB

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